Driving instructors; supervision

The government of Upper Palatinate supervises driving instructors, driving schools and their branches, driving instructor training centers, and the sponsors of driving instructor seminars and courses. It can make use of suitable persons and bodies (experts).


The government of the Upper Palatinate supervises the following persons, companies, institutions, seminars and courses for the whole of Bavaria (driving school supervision):

  • the driving instructors,
  • the driving schools and their branches
  • the driving instructor training centers
  • the providers of instruction seminars for training driving instructors
  • the sponsors of instruction courses for the acquisition of the seminar permit postgraduate seminar or the seminar permit traffic pedagogy,
  • the sponsors of introductory seminars for course leaders of introductory courses,
  • the sponsors of continuing education courses for driving instructors, holders of a seminar permit postgraduate seminar or traffic pedagogy and training driving instructors.

The supervision includes:

  • the assessment of the professional and pedagogical quality of driving school training, seminars and courses,
  • checking compliance with driving instructor regulations (in particular compliance with equipment standards and record-keeping obligations).

The government of the Upper Palatinate therefore checks every two or four years on site in particular whether

  • the training, the advanced seminars, the traffic pedagogical part of the driving aptitude seminars, the instruction courses, the introductory courses and the advanced training courses are carried out properly,
  • the teaching rooms, teaching materials and teaching vehicles are available and comply with the statutory regulations, and
  • the other obligations based on this law and the legal ordinances based on it are fulfilled.

The government of the Upper Palatinate may make use of suitable persons or bodies (experts) to carry out the supervision, who are authorized to

  • to enter properties and business premises of the licensee during normal business hours,
  • to carry out tests and inspections there,
  • to attend the lessons, the postgraduate seminars, the traffic pedagogical parts of the driving aptitude seminars, the familiarization courses, the introductory courses and the advanced training courses,
  • to inspect the prescribed records, to make copies and to secure them, and
  • to demand all necessary information from natural and legal persons and unincorporated associations of persons.

The person to be supervised must tolerate the above measures, support the expert during the inspection and, upon request, immediately provide the necessary information or submit documents.


The supervision according to § 51 Driving Instructor Act (Driving School Supervision) is usually initiated ex officio by the Government of Upper Palatinate; the expert receives an inspection order for this purpose, which also specifies the type and scope of the inspection. The expert then carries out the inspection on his own responsibility and in consultation with the person to be monitored.

The result of the monitoring (formal report & pedagogical checklists) is communicated to the responsible licensing or recognition authority (district administrative authority/government).

If no deficiencies or only minor deficiencies have been found in two successive inspections, the examination frequency can be set at four years by the government of the Upper Palatinate (§ 51 Para. 5 FahrlG).

Special notes

Furthermore, the result of the monitoring can lead to consequences for the person being monitored.

In addition to the initiation of administrative offence proceedings, the revocation of the respective permit or official recognition is possible. Furthermore, in the case of pedagogical and professional deficiencies, the following quality assurance measures can be taken

  • Practical advice (on the appropriate didactic design of driving school training) and
  • content-specific special further training

can be considered.

In this context, follow-up inspections can also be ordered to ensure that the quality assurance measures are implemented.

The government of the Upper Palatinate is responsible for the quality assurance orders, their follow-up control and the prosecution and punishment of violations; the tasks of the licensing, recognition and approval authorities remain unaffected.

Required documents

  • All driving instructor legal documentation shall be available on site during supervision.


  • Fees (30.70 € to 511.00 € - depending on the administrative effort) and expenses (in particular for the expert and examiner) are charged in accordance with the Gebührenordnung für Maßnahmen im Straßenverkehr (GebOSt).

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Status: 17.04.2023

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