Animals; reporting of stock changes and display of animal and stock data.

Changes in livestock such as birth, entry, departure, death, slaughter, etc. must be reported and animal, herd and health data reported and stored in accordance with the Livestock Traffic Ordinance.


Traceability, monitoring of livestock movements under the Livestock Movement Ordinance, and traceability of a bovine animal in the event of an animal disease outbreak are important objectives of the Central Database (CDB). In order to achieve these, the reporting system includes

  • The registration of an animal in the ZDB with the
    • Initial registration for animals born before 26.09.1999,
    • Birth registration since 26.09.1999
    • EU import and import from third countries since 26.09.1999
  • movement reports (inflow and outflow) and
  • the notification of the end of the animal
    • slaughter, import slaughter
    • death notification (culling/slaughtering)
    • Export

The HIT database has been set up in the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry on behalf of the federal states. The program can be accessed at the Internet address

In the HIT database, declarations can be made quickly and inexpensively, corrections can be made and declaration chain errors (transactions) can be processed online. In addition, it is possible to access a currently maintained livestock register with LU values and health information, as well as sex and age statistics on a reference date or over a period of time, and to check the life history of an animal. In order to submit declarations, the declarant must apply for a registration number from the agency responsible for his or her farm.

Online procedures

  • Herkunftssicherungs- und Informationssystem für Tiere (HIT)

    In the HIT database, all herd changes such as birth, movement, entry, departure, death, slaughter, etc. are reported centrally for the whole of Germany in accordance with the Livestock Traffic Ordinance, and animal, herd and health data are displayed and stored.

Status: 08.04.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten

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