Addiction counseling for existing or impending addiction problems; utilization

People at risk of addiction or suffering from addiction and their relatives can obtain information on the subject of addiction as well as advice, support and help from psychosocial addiction counseling centers, the public health department and general practitioners and specialists.


Regardless of the type of addiction problem (e.g. alcohol, illegal drugs, medication, gambling, media and internet use), the psychosocial addiction counseling centers offer help and support to people at risk of addiction or suffering from addiction and their relatives. Their focus is on outpatient counseling and support. In most cases, this is where the first contacts with those affected take place. The course is set for inpatient or outpatient therapy, detoxification treatment can be arranged and aftercare can be provided to prevent relapses. The psychosocial addiction counseling centers also offer assistance in clarifying the assumption of costs for treatment and rehabilitation.

Counseling can take place directly on site or online via the cross-agency and nationwide standardized counseling platform "DigiSucht" (see "Further links"). Combined counseling concepts consisting of digital and analog counseling on site are also possible. With "DigiSucht", a particularly low-threshold, time- and location-independent access to the help and support offered by psychosocial addiction counseling centers has been created. In addition to general information on the subject of addiction, those seeking advice also have the opportunity to take anonymous self-tests on their own consumption behavior.

If you are affected by addiction yourself or have questions about how to deal with a relative's addiction problems, the addiction advice centers, your local health authority or your family doctor are your first points of contact. You can find a Bavaria-wide directory of these facilities and a list of low-threshold help on the website of the Bavarian Addiction Help Coordination Center (KBS) (see "Further links"). A nationwide directory and comprehensive information on the subject of addiction can be found on the website of the German Center for Addiction Issues (see "Related links").


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If you want to find out more about the various addictive substances and their patterns of abuse, contact the German Centre for Addiction Issues (see "Further links") or the Center for Prevention and Health Promotion (ZPG) at the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL).




  • Counseling (analog on-site or digital) by psychosocial addiction counseling centers or health authorities is free of charge. In the case of medical counseling (by general practitioners or specialists), the costs are usually covered by the health insurance companies.


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