Addiction prevention services; utilization

Addiction prevention efforts aim to prevent risky, harmful or addictive behavior and consumption. In addition to avoiding risk factors, health resources and competencies should also be strengthened.


Preventing risky, unhealthy or addictive behavior - that is the goal of addiction prevention. In addition to substance-related addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and medication, addiction prevention also includes non-substance-related addictions such as gambling or Internet and computer addiction. Measures and offers are intended to enable and motivate people to adjust their behavior in a way that promotes health. At the same time, social conditions are created for this. Personal resources are to be promoted, health skills strengthened and risk factors, such as an early age of initiation into alcohol or tobacco consumption, avoided.

Preventive education measures about addiction problems are aimed at both the general population and groups of people with existing risk behavior.

The Bavarian Center for Prevention and Health Promotion (ZPG) (see "Related Links") provides information, trains multipliers and designs and supports addiction prevention measures in Bavaria based on the latest scientific findings. Concrete measures in the local cities and districts are offered and implemented by the responsible health offices.

Comprehensive information on the subject of addiction can be found on the website of the Deutschern Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen e.V. (see "Further links"). The "DigiSucht" counseling platform, which is used by more and more addiction counseling centers in Bavaria and is uniform throughout Germany (see "Related links"), also provides general information on the topic of addiction and also offers the option of anonymous self-tests on one's own consumption behavior.




  • Addiction prevention services are offered free of charge by the responsible local health department.

Status: 26.10.2022

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