Transport of dangerous goods by road; advice and supervision

The labour inspectorates advise and monitor companies in the implementation of the Road Dangerous Goods Ordinance, insofar as the companies are consignors, shippers, carriers, etc. of dangerous goods.


Some goods transported in the course of goods traffic pose considerable risks to drivers, the general public, the environment and emergency services. Under certain circumstances, accidents can lead to catastrophes.

Dangerous goods are, for example, flammable liquids, explosives, chemicals, hospital waste or infectious material. Special regulations therefore exist for the transport of these goods.

In Bavaria, the trade supervisory offices at the governments are responsible for monitoring the regulations of the road mode of transport in the company.

Dangerous goods must be securely packaged, labelled according to their hazardous properties (e.g. explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids) and transported under special safety precautions.

Companies that transport, load, ship, etc. larger quantities of dangerous or particularly dangerous goods must appoint a dangerous goods officer who is specially trained for this task. Within the companies, the labour inspectorate monitors compliance with the transport regulations and thus contributes responsibly and significantly to the protection of the public and the environment.

The trade supervisory offices at the governments

  • are the technical point of contact for the dangerous goods safety advisers to be appointed by the companies
  • advise those involved in the transport of dangerous goods, e.g. consignors, carriers, vehicle drivers, etc.
  • monitor the appointment of a dangerous goods safety adviser in the companies for the road mode of transport.

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Status: 20.08.2021

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