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In Bavaria, there are 17 state and 7 non-state universities of applied sciences / technical universities (formerly universities of applied sciences; hereinafter: universities); university of applied sciences courses are also offered by the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich and the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. This means that university studies are available close to home at a total of 26 locations in all parts of Bavaria. In addition, there are other regional study programs that have been established and expanded since 2014 as part of the state government's science-based structural and regionalization strategy.

A university degree program is characterized by the pronounced practical relevance of its teaching and its orientation toward the labor market. In addition to their academic qualifications, all professors have several years of professional experience. Students are familiarized with the requirements of the working world at an early stage in practical semesters and deal intensively with concrete questions from professional practice already during their studies.

The courses offered are therefore aimed in particular at prospective students who want to work with scientific methods in a way that is primarily action-oriented and results-oriented.

The universities generally offer bachelor's and master's degree programs. Bachelor's degree programs lead to a first university degree with professional qualification. The standard period of study is seven semesters, usually including one practical semester. The program concludes with a bachelor's degree, e.g. "Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)".

Master's programs lead to a second university degree. They either build directly on the first university degree or can be taken up as a master's degree program (continuing education programs) following professional practice subsequent to the first university degree. The standard period of study is three or four semesters. The program concludes with a master's degree, e.g. "Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)".

Further information on Bavarian universities of applied sciences/technical universities and their study programs can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts (see "Further links").


To study in a bachelor's degree program, students must have the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences or the general or subject-specific university entrance qualification. Graduates of master craftswomen's examinations, vocational further education examinations equivalent to master craftswomen's examinations, and of technical schools and technical academies may also study at a university under certain conditions.

For individual courses of study, the universities may additionally require training in an apprenticeship occupation corresponding to the chosen field of study or practical work (pre-study experience).

For courses of study in the fields of design, architecture and interior design, an aptitude test must also be passed as proof of a corresponding artistic talent.

A first university degree is a prerequisite for studying in a master's program; the universities also specify further admission requirements.

Further information can be obtained directly from the student advisory service and other responsible offices (admission, enrollment, study office, etc.) of the respective university.


University studies usually begin in the winter semester (October 1).

In all degree programs, enrollment in the degree program is required (matriculation).

For a number of degree programs, formal admission is required prior to enrollment (admission-restricted degree programs). In these cases, there are strict deadlines for receipt of the application by the university.

The aptitude tests required for some degree programs may be before this deadline. Please contact the respective university in good time to find out the deadlines that apply in each case.

In degree programs with no admission restrictions, the university may require pre-registration prior to enrollment.

At some universities, it is also possible to begin studies in the summer semester (March 15) in some degree programs.

Further information can be obtained directly from the student advisory service and other responsible offices (admission, enrollment, student office, etc.) of the respective university.

Required documents

  • Documents for the application for a study place or enrollment for the respective study program can be obtained directly from the responsible offices (admission, enrollment, student office, etc.) of the respective university.


  • Studies leading up to the first professional degree (Bachelor's degree) and studies in a consecutive program leading to a further professional degree (Master's degree) are tuition-free.

    Continuing Education: The institutions of higher education charge fees for the study of visiting students and for the participation of students in special offers of continuing education; a private-law fee is charged to participants in continuing education who are not students or visiting students, as well as to students who participate exclusively in study offers at a foreign location outside the European Union.

    Part-time study: In accordance with the increased effort required for studying in a part-time study program, the universities charge fees. The amount of the fees is to be assessed according to the expenditure of the university and the importance of the service for the students or guest students.

    Every student enrolled at a Bavarian state university must pay a semester fee per semester. The semester contribution consists of the basic contribution (student union contribution) and, if applicable, the solidarity contribution for the semester ticket in the respective public transport system. The semester contribution is levied by the respective university and must be paid before enrollment.

    Further information can be obtained directly from the student advisory service and other responsible offices (admission, enrollment, student office, etc.) of the respective university.

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