Recreational stay in family resorts; application for a grant

If you would like to travel together with your children and decide to spend a recreational stay in a family holiday center, you can receive funding under certain conditions.


A joint family vacation can - in addition to the necessary health recovery - contribute significantly to improving the family climate. Relationships between parents, and especially between parents and children, can be strengthened. In this way, important and resilient foundations can be laid for everyday family life.


The purpose of the grant is to enable families in economically difficult situations to spend a vacation together once a year.


Eligible are family vacations for recreation in family vacation centers.

Recipient of the grant

Beneficiaries of family vacations are parents, parents' parts, foster parents, single mothers and fathers and, in justified exceptional cases, grandparents (e.g. in the event of parental illness).

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses are those for accommodation in a family holiday center.

Type and amount

The state grants are awarded as fixed-amount financing within the framework of project funding.

The grant may amount to up to EUR 17.00 per day of meals per eligible child and adult, and up to EUR 22.00 for a child who is not only temporarily physically, mentally or emotionally handicapped.

The recipient of the grant must provide a share of at least 10% of the eligible expenses from its own funds.


A grant for a recreational stay in a family holiday center can be approved if

  • you spend your recreational stay in a family holiday center. Family holiday centers in the sense of the framework agreement are the facilities listed in Annex 1 to the framework agreement. Recreational stays in private accommodation or other vacation facilities are not funded.
  • you do not make a binding booking for the recreational stay at the family holiday center until your application for funding has been received by the Center for Bavarian Family and Social Affairs (ZBFS) and you have received confirmation of receipt of the application from the ZBFS.
  • you are a parent, one parent, foster parent or single parent with one or more children for whom you receive child benefit. In justified exceptional cases, grandparents with one grandchild or several grandchildren for whom the parent(s), parent(s), foster parent(s), or single mother or father(s) receive child benefits may also apply for funding.
  • Your family has its main residence in Bavaria.
  • Your recreational stay lasts at least 6 board days (up to 14 board days are eligible; arrival and departure together count as one board day).
  • Your annual net income of the previous calendar year prior to the application is below the following maximum income limits
    • for a single parent (with one child): 21,000 EUR
    • for both parents (with one child): 21,500 EUR
    • for each additional child these income limits increase by 4,800 EUR each.

or you receive benefits according to SGB II or XII and housing allowance and/or child supplement.

  • you have not yet received a grant for a recuperation stay for this year.
  • you are participating in a parent and family education program during the recreation stay.


You can apply online or in writing to the Center Bavaria Family and Social Affairs (ZBFS) for funding for a recreational stay in a family holiday center:

  • After receipt of the application and the relevant documents, the basic entitlement will be checked and you will receive a decision as to whether funding will be granted and, if so, how much it will be.
  • Together with the decision, you will receive a "Confirmation" form as well as a "Declaration of the grant recipient" form.
  • The form "Confirmation" is to be filled out by the family vacation center at the end of your vacation, the declaration of the grant recipient is to be filled out by yourself.
  • Please send both forms together with the invoice from the family holiday center to the ZBFS immediately after your vacation. It is sufficient to submit a copy of the invoice. The original invoice will only be returned upon request.
  • After receipt of the two forms and the invoice from the family holiday center, the use of the grant will be checked and paid out to you in the amount due.

Special notes

If the forms "Confirmation" and "Declaration of the Beneficiary" and the invoice of the family holiday center are not submitted within three months after the end of the approved travel period, the grant can no longer be paid.


  • State funding can only be provided if the application for funding is received by the ZBFS before the family holiday center is booked. Only recreational stays for which no booking has yet been made with the family holiday center at the time of application will be funded. A non-binding reservation at the family holiday center is permissible, but a booking may only be made after the ZBFS has confirmed receipt of the application.
  • In principle, the application should be submitted at least 3 weeks before the start of the family vacation.
  • The "Confirmation" and "Declaration of the grantee" forms and the invoice from the family holiday center must be submitted within three months of the end of the approved travel period.

Processing time

The average processing time for your application is about 3 weeks.

In individual cases, processing may take longer.

Required documents

  • current proof of child benefit receipt (e.g. a copy of the last bank statement with the name of the account holder or notification of receipt)

    Only the name of the account holder, the date on which the child benefit was booked, the amount of child benefit and the purpose of the child benefit must be shown on the account statement. All other data on the account statement may be blacked out.

  • complete income tax assessment for the previous year before the application (a wage tax certificate alone is not sufficient)

    If you are not assessed for income tax or if a corresponding income tax assessment has not yet been issued, the income to be offset is determined using a corresponding income questionnaire (see page 7 of the online application or page 4 of the application form).

  • if you are receiving benefits according to SGB II and XII at the time of application: current notification of benefits

    (e.g. notification of receipt of unemployment benefit II, social assistance or entitlement to child supplement and/or housing benefit in place of the tax assessment notice or income questionnaire)


  • Form, Bavaria-wide: Antrag auf Förderung von Familienerholung in Familienferienstätten
    Please note

    This form has to be signed and sent to the responsible authority. You can sign the form manually and send it by email/fax or sign the form electronically with your qualified electronic signature an send it by (secure) email. If the responsible authority has set up a De-Mail account, you can also send the form by De-Mail using an sender-confirmed message.

Online procedures


    • Application procedure: none
    • Opposition proceedings in case of negative outcome: minimum fee plus expenses (postal delivery certificate) currently EUR 29.11
    • Withdrawal proceedings: Minimum fee plus expenses (postal delivery certificate) currently 19.11 EUR


Administrative court proceedings; information

(optional) opposition procedure

Status: 16.03.2022

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