Animal welfare violations; notification

According to the Animal Welfare Act, animals must be adequately fed, cared for and housed in a manner appropriate to their species and needs.


In particular, it is forbidden to torture or kill animals without reasonable cause. If you observe such a violation or receive information about it, you should report it to the police or the respective district administrative authority (veterinary office). Reports submitted anonymously will also be processed.

In your report, give as much detail as possible about the place, time, nature and course of the incident you observed or know about. Name the animals involved and describe the pain, suffering or harm you believe was inflicted on the animals. If known, provide the name and contact information (address, phone number) of the animal owner or person causing the incident, other persons involved, and possible witnesses, if any. If you have photos or videos of the reported incident, please also send them to the police or the veterinary office. With the help of your information, appropriate controls can then be carried out.

Note on anonymous reports:

In individual cases, the local knowledge of the person making the report exceeds that of the respective officer. If the location of the animal husbandry is described inaccurately or in a misleading manner (this applies in particular to animal husbandries outside of towns and villages without street names and house numbers), it may not be possible to locate animals in such cases in a timely manner, because the authorities do not have the possibility to inquire more precisely about the location in the case of anonymous reports.


Prerequisites are:

  • You have observed a corresponding incident or it has come to your attention.
  • You have a reasonable suspicion.


None. Please note: The sooner authorities receive appropriate tips, the faster they can help neglected or abused animals. Therefore, do not hesitate to make your notification.


  • None.


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