Transfer of corpse; request for transportation in another vehicle

You can entrust the transfer of a body to a funeral home. Such companies have the vehicles suitable for this purpose.


For the transfer of corpses in Bavaria, §§ 8 ff. Burial Ordinance (BestV) must be observed.


The transportation of the deceased (transfer) is only permitted if the doctor has issued the death certificate, there are no health risks to be feared and there are no reasons of criminal justice to the contrary. The transfer to the place of burial or crematorium within the municipality or administrative community of the place of death is to be carried out in such a way that the dignity of the deceased and the moral feeling of the general public are not violated.

In the case of transfers within Bavaria in other respects, the death certificate must be carried in all cases. In the case of a transfer for the purpose of cremation, a confirmation from the responsible police station that it is not aware of any indications of a non-natural death and, in the case of a suspected non-natural death, a burial permit from the public prosecutor's office must also be carried.

As a matter of principle, deceased persons may only be transported in road traffic by hearses, i.e. vehicles whose superstructures are equipped for transporting deceased persons and which are used exclusively for this purpose. The competent authority may permit exceptions, provided that dignified transportation is ensured and health hazards are not to be feared. The use of vehicles used for the commercial transport of persons, foodstuffs or animals is not permitted.

The transfer within the Federal Republic of Germany does not require a special permit.

In the case of transfers abroad, it is necessary to carry a mortuary passport instead of the death certificate if the country to which the body is to be transferred or a country touched during the journey requires a mortuary passport. The mortuary passport is issued by the municipality in whose territory the transportation begins (see "Mortuary Passport; Application for Issuance" under "Related Topics"). When transporting a corpse abroad, the legal requirements of the country of destination and transit countries must also be observed.

When transporting the corpse from abroad to Germany, the carrier must carry a mortuary passport or a comparable document issued in accordance with the applicable regulations of the country of origin. If neither a mortuary passport nor a comparable document is available, a certificate issued by the municipality in whose area of responsibility the transfer begins in Bavaria stating that the onward transport to the place of burial is permissible must be carried.


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