Slaughter cattle prices; preparation and announcement of the official price fixing.

The Bavarian State Institute for Agriculture compiles and publishes an official price quotation for producer prices of slaughter cattle on a weekly basis. At the moment there are not enough reporting companies for a publication of the Schaff meat quotation.


The current slaughter cattle prices from the official price fixing are available for pigs and cattle every Tuesday (from 16.00). They represent the current slaughter cattle prices of the previous week for cattle and pigs (prices per kg slaughter weight free entry slaughterhouse, excluding VAT, incl. surcharges and discounts, for example, for origin and quality programs or organic production).

Due to the constant change in supply and demand, market activity in the slaughter cattle sector is subject to strong fluctuations. The market overview is made difficult by a large number of suppliers (farmers or traders, producer groups, etc.) and buyers. In order to ensure market transparency, however, the official price determination was created. It provides the basis for meaningful and comparable prices.

The Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL), Institute for Food Economics and Markets, is the body responsible for compiling and announcing the official price determination in Bavaria.

The Meat Act as well as the first Meat Act Implementing Ordinance regulate the procedure.

Every farm in Bavaria that slaughters more than 150 cattle, 500 pigs or 75 sheep on average per week is required by law to submit price reports.

This amounts to approximately 12 reports per week for cattle and calves and 15 for pigs. The remaining farms are exempt from the reporting requirement.

Reported are:

  • Number of head
  • Slaughter weight
  • the payout price weighed to the suppliers with the slaughter weight free entrance slaughterhouse, subdivided by category, commercial class and flat rate.

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    Rund 27 Schlachtbetriebe melden wöchentlich die Auszahlungspreise für Schlachtkörper von Rindern, Schweinen und Schafen untergliedert nach Handelsklassen an die Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (Institut für Ernährungswirtschaft und Märkte).

Status: 13.03.2023

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten

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