Pregnancy; counseling

Expectant mothers and fathers can get advice on questions concerning pregnancy and birth.


Expectant mothers - and fathers - are entitled to comprehensive counseling on all questions concerning pregnancy and birth, regardless of age, cultural background or ideology. Counseling is provided confidentially, without bias, free of charge and, if desired, anonymously by the state-approved counseling centers for pregnancy issues and by the non-state-approved (Catholic) counseling centers for pregnancy issues. The counseling can be taken up as often and as long as this is necessary in the individual case. It can also take place after the birth until the child is 3 years old.

The services offered include, in particular, psychosocial counseling and information on the following topics

  • Sex education, contraception and family planning,
  • social and financial assistance for pregnant women and young families, including state social benefits and assistance in finding or obtaining housing, a job or a training position
  • preventive examinations in case of pregnancy and questions concerning childbirth,
  • the special rights of pregnant women and parents in working life,
  • questions about prenatal diagnostics,
  • Possibilities of help for living with a child with a chronic illness and / or disability,
  • possible solutions for psychosocial conflicts in connection with pregnancy,
  • counseling and accompaniment during a confidential birth,
  • legal and psychological aspects of adoption,
  • questions about abortion
  • Counseling and support in cases of unfulfilled desire to have a child
  • Counseling and support after early loss of a child.

The state-approved counseling centers for pregnancy issues are also responsible for the legally required pregnancy conflict counseling. Only they are authorized to issue the certificate of pregnancy conflict counseling, which is a prerequisite for a penalty-free abortion.

In addition to the counseling, practical assistance is also provided. Women affected by pregnancy conflict can, for example, be supported in their dealings with the authorities when claiming legal benefits.

With the consent of the pregnant woman, other persons can be included in the counseling.




Contact a counseling center for pregnancy issues.

Conflict counseling generally takes place in a personal conversation. Most state-approved counseling centers for pregnancy issues also offer digital general pregnancy counseling.


  • Conflict counseling: without delay, i.e. as soon as possible.
  • General pregnancy counseling: no deadlines

Processing time

  • Conflict counseling: immediately.
  • General pregnancy counseling: depending on the individual case.

Required documents

  • Conflict counseling with issuance of a counseling certificate

    • valid proof of identification (e.g. identity card)
    • recommended: medical certificate of existing pregnancy

  • Conflict counseling without issuance of a counseling certificate

    • none

  • General pregnancy counseling

    • none
    • recommended: Maternal passport


  • none


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