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You can get information on social matters from the municipality and the district office.


Free information is provided by the institutions of the statutory health insurance and the social long-term care insurance as well as in Bavaria, as a matter of the own sphere of action, also the district offices and independent cities. The information extends to the designation of the responsible benefit providers as well as to all factual and legal questions that may be of importance to those seeking information and which the information center is able to answer.

The insurance offices of the districts and independent cities provide information in all matters of social insurance.

In matters of statutory pension insurance, the pension insurance institutions, their information and advice centers, their insurance advisors as well as the insurance offices of the districts and independent cities and the municipal administrations offer information and individual advice free of charge.

Persons who receive or have applied for long-term care insurance benefits are entitled to individual advice and assistance from a long-term care advisor in the district or independent city vis-à-vis the long-term care insurance fund or insurance company. The long-term care insurance companies should name a contact person immediately after the application is submitted and offer a specific counseling appointment or issue a counseling voucher that makes it possible to take advantage of counseling at an independent counseling center within two weeks. If desired, long-term care counseling is provided with the involvement of third parties, in particular relatives and life partners, and in the home environment or in the facility where the beneficiary lives.

In matters of social welfare and war victims' welfare, the social welfare and war victims' welfare agencies (social welfare administrations and war victims' welfare offices at the district offices and independent cities, districts, Bavarian Family and Social Center) provide advice and information. They also provide advice on other social matters, unless this is provided by other agencies (primarily voluntary welfare associations).

The youth welfare offices in the independent towns and districts are available for questions relating to child and youth welfare. For information and advice on pregnancy problems, see "Related topics". For further information on support services for families, see also "Related topics".

In all other social matters, the offices responsible for granting benefits also provide information. Citizens with low incomes can obtain free or nearly free legal advice on legal matters of daily life from a lawyer or from the competent local court.

Furthermore, the Bavarian Family and Social Affairs Center is available to answer questions about the following benefits:

  • Parental allowance
  • Bavarian childcare allowance
  • Bavarian family allowance
  • Family recreation in family vacation centers

For information and advice on AIDS, see "Related topics".


Contact the municipality or the district office.

Special notes

The required documents depend on the individual case.



Required documents

  • The required documents depend on the individual case.


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