School transport; application for reimbursement of school transport costs

The necessary transport of pupils on their way to school is organized and ensured by the authorities responsible for school transport. They are also responsible for reimbursing the costs.


The necessary transportation of pupils of

  • public elementary, middle and special schools
  • public or state-recognized private secondary schools, grammar schools, vocational schools (excluding part-time vocational schools), two-level business schools and three- or four-level business schools up to and including grade 10
  • public or state-recognized vocational schools offering full-time instruction
  • public or state-recognized secondary schools, grammar schools, vocational schools, vocational schools - excluding part-time vocational schools -, business schools, technical colleges and vocational colleges, which are dependent on transportation due to a permanent disability,

is to be ensured by the responsible body. In the case of public elementary, middle and special schools, the responsible body is the school authority; in all other cases, it is the district or independent city in which the pupil has his or her usual place of residence.

Transportation to regularly scheduled compulsory and elective classes at the nearest school is necessary if the route to school is longer than 2 km for pupils in grades 1 to 4 and longer than 3 km for pupils in grades 5 and above. In the case of compulsory schools, the nearest school is regularly the Sprengelschule, and in the case of other schools, the school of the chosen type of school, training and specialization that can be reached with the lowest transport costs.

Exceptions: Pupils who are dependent on transportation because of a permanent disability are transported free of charge, regardless of the distance. Likewise, if the distance to school is less than these mileage limits, transportation may be provided if the route to school is particularly arduous or particularly dangerous, as determined by the transportation authority.

Pupils in grade 11 andabove of public and state-recognized private

  • grammar schools
  • vocational schools (excluding part-time vocational schools)
  • Business schools
  • Secondary technical schools
  • Berufsoberschulen
  • Part-time vocational schools

are not entitled to transportation, but to reimbursement of school travel costs, which exceeds a personal contribution of 490 euros per family per school year (from 1.8.2023: 320 euros per pupil per school year or a maximum of 490 euros per family).

For families with a child benefit entitlement for three or more children and families with a claim to assistance for living expenses or to citizen's allowance, the necessary travel costs are reimbursed in full.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (see "Further links").


Reimbursement will be made upon request upon presentation of the appropriate tickets.


The application must be submitted no later than October 31 for the previous school year.

Required documents

  • Tickets, if applicable

Regional complement (Landeshauptstadt München)

Online procedures

Regional complement (Landeshauptstadt München)

  • Fahrtkostenerstattung Schulweg

    You can apply online for a cost exemption or reimbursement of travel costs, report the loss of a season ticket or change your details if you move house.


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