Fire department operation; levying of reimbursement of costs

Under certain conditions, the municipalities can demand compensation for the necessary expenses they have incurred as a result of the deployment, operations and safety watches of municipal fire departments.


Reimbursement of costs can be demanded

  • for fire protection and technical assistance operations in which the danger or damage was caused by the operation of motor, air, rail or water vehicles or a trailer intended to be carried by a motor vehicle, with the exception of operations or activities directly serving the rescue or recovery of people and animals,
  • for other operations in the technical assistance service, with the exception of operations or activities directly serving the rescue or recovery of people and animals,
  • for special extinguishing agents used in fires in commercial and industrial enterprises,
  • for operations that were caused by a hazard caused intentionally or by gross negligence,
  • in the case of intentional or grossly negligent false alarms by the fire department or false alarms triggered by a private fire alarm system,
  • if a security service forwarded an emergency call despite the absence of any indication of the need for a fire department intervention and no activity was required for the immediate rescue or recovery of people,
  • for the deployment of an alarmed fire department to an operation for which the municipalities of the fire departments deployed can claim reimbursement of expenses, but whose own action has not become necessary,
  • for security guards.

In principle, the party causing the danger or the party otherwise obligated to eliminate the danger is liable to pay the costs, but also, for example, anyone who has made use of the fire department's security guards or has intentionally or grossly negligently triggered a false alarm.

Legal bases


Option to file an objection with the municipality or directly file an action for annulment with the administrative court.


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