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The Bavarian state government's central e-government portal "BayernPortal" (formerly "Verwaltungsservice Bayern" and "Bayerischer Behördenwegweiser") provides citizens, entrepreneurs and administrative staff with information about administrative services and contact details for public authorities.


The BayernPortal is the Bavarian state government's general administration portal for citizens, entrepreneurs and administrations. Here, more than 2,500 services of state and municipal agencies (e.g., state offices, governments, districts, district offices, city and municipal administrations, state authorities, chambers) are described and current addresses, opening hours and contact persons are displayed.

If you enter your location (e.g., place of residence, place of birth, place of training, location of company or authority) under "Vor Ort" or "Mein Ort" and search for or select an administrative service (e.g., applying for a passport, requesting a certificate of good conduct, registering a business) using the free-text search, the office responsible for this (under "Für Sie zuständig") will be displayed. Depending on the type of service, you will receive information on requirements, necessary documents, deadlines, costs, legal basis, forms and online procedures.

In the case of cities and municipalities, for example, the BayernPortal provides an overview of the districts, the responsible police stations, the most important authorities and institutions responsible for the municipal area, the special-purpose associations of which they are members, and a link to the schools in the town.

The BayernPortal shows you the way so that you can deal with your concerns quickly and increasingly online.

The information (addresses, organizational units, contact persons, telephone numbers, forms, local laws, etc.) displayed on the BayernPortal is maintained by the local and state authorities via a central editorial system (see Editorial System for Administrative Information in Bavaria). The accesses are managed by the central editorial office at the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

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    Das BayernPortal (ehemals Verwaltungsservice Bayern und Bayerischer Behördenwegweiser) ist eine Verwaltungsportal des Freistaats Bayern für Bürger, Unternehmer und Verwaltungen. Es enthält zahlreiche Informationen zu staatlichen und kommunalen Leistungen sowie Links zu Formularen und Online-Verfahren. Dem Nutzer wird bei Auswahl einer Leistung und eines Ortes in Bayern die zuständige Behörde angezeigt.

Status: 23.02.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Digitales

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If you select a location under "Localization" the contact details of the responsible authority and, if applicable, locally valid information will be displayed.