Late repatriates; application for recognition of an examination and certificate of qualification for agricultural occupation

The recognition of certificates and qualifications of ethnic German immigrants in Bavaria for agricultural professions without training courses in higher education must be applied for.


Pursuant to Section 10 (1) of the Federal Expellees Act (BVFG), examinations and certificates of competence are to be recognized which late repatriates took or acquired in the territory of the German Reich up to May 8, 1945, according to the territorial status as of December 31, 1937.

Pursuant to Section 10 (2) of the BVFG, examinations and certificates of qualification taken or acquired by late repatriates in the resettlement areas are to be recognized if they are equivalent to the corresponding examinations or certificates of qualification in the area of application of the Basic Law.

§ Pursuant to Section 7 (2) BVFG, Section 10 shall also apply mutatis mutandis to the spouse and descendants of late repatriates who do not meet the requirements of Section 4 (1) or (2) BVFG but who have left the resettlement areas by way of the admission procedure.


The application is not bound by any deadlines.

Required documents

  • Declaration that no application has been made in any other Land to date

  • Certificate of Competency

    as a copy of the original and a translation

  • evidence of relevant professional activities carried out before and after the final examination

  • Workbook

    in the original and translation as a copy

  • Resume

  • Proof of membership of the group of persons entitled to submit applications

    ID card for displaced persons (AB Vertriebene)

  • Birth certificate

    on changing the name

  • Marriage certificate

    on changing the name


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  • No costs are charged for ethnic German immigrants as defined by the Federal Expellees Act.


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