Educational support; application for students

Your schooling will be individually financially supported as long as the funds required for living and education are not otherwise available.


Purpose and object

For full-time education at schools, educational assistance is provided in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Education Assistance Act (BAföG) and the Bavarian Education Assistance Act (BayAföG). In Bavaria, state legislation (BayAföG) entitles students to support for grades 5 to 9 of Realschulen and Gymnasien and grades 7 to 9 of Wirtschaftsschulen under certain conditions.

Education assistance is only granted if the student, his/her spouse and parents are not able to raise the necessary costs for education and living expenses on the basis of their own income and assets. In certain cases (e.g. when attending evening classes, colleges and vocational high schools or if the student has been working for many years), support is granted without taking parental income into account.


In principle, participants in full-time training courses are eligible to apply. Further criteria can be found under "Prerequisites

Type and amount

The maximum amount of the educational grant depends on the type of educational institution attended and the accommodation with the parents or any necessary accommodation away from home. In the case of training at a specialized academy, half of the funding is usually provided as a grant and half as a non-interest-bearing state loan; in the case of other school-based training, the funding is provided as a grant.

The maximum monthly subsidy rate for attendance of

  • Vocational colleges and technical colleges whose attendance does not require completed vocational training: 262 euros,
  • 474 euros for evening secondary schools, postgraduate vocational schools, evening secondary schools and specialized secondary school classes, attendance at which requires completed vocational training,
  • 474 euros for classes at technical colleges whose attendance requires completed vocational training, evening high schools, vocational high schools and colleges.

If trainees do not live with their parents or, if necessary, are accommodated away from home, the maximum monthly subsidy for attendance of

  • secondary general schools and vocational colleges as well as technical and vocational colleges whose attendance requires completed vocational training: 632 euros,
  • evening secondary schools, post-secondary vocational schools, evening secondary schools and classes of specialized secondary schools, attendance of which requires completed vocational training 736 euros
  • 736 euros for classes at technical colleges whose attendance requires completed vocational training, evening secondary schools, vocational secondary schools and colleges.

If trainees themselves have health and nursing care insurance that requires contributions, the requirement is increased by 122 euros per month.

Responsible office

When attending evening schools and colleges as well as higher technical schools and academies, the offices for educational grants at the independent city or the district administrative authority in which the educational institution is located are responsible. When attending other educational institutions (especially schools), the Office for Educational Support in whose district the parents have their permanent residence is responsible. The contact details of the responsible office are displayed when you select the town in which the training center is located or the parents have their permanent residence under "My town" in the BayernPortal.


Funding is provided for attendance at public schools or state-approved or recognized alternative schools. In the case of other educational institutions, training assistance is only granted if the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art recognizes the equivalence of attendance at this institution with attendance at a public or state-approved school or university. Training assistance is only granted for the period in which the training fully occupies the trainee's working capacity (full-time training).

Training assistance is generally only provided for the initial training, but under certain circumstances it is also possible to receive assistance for further training.

The following

are generally eligible

  • Germans,
  • recognized persons entitled to political asylum and refugees, and
  • under certain circumstances, other foreigners, in particular nationals of EC member states.
As a rule, training assistance is no longer provided if trainees have reached the age of 30 at the start of the training period for which they are applying.


The application must be submitted in writing or electronically (see under "Online procedure") to the relevant Office for Educational Support. If the applicant has not yet submitted all the required documents for a decision on the application, the Office for Educational Support will contact the applicant and ask him/her to submit the missing documents. Other authorities will not be involved as a matter of principle.

Special notes

Trainees who have completed their initial vocational training and wish to gain further qualifications as technicians, master craftsmen and industrial foremen, etc., can receive benefits under the Upgrading Training Assistance Act (Aufstiegsfortbildungsförderungsgesetz, AFBG), the so-called ''Aufstiegs-BAföG''.

For the promotion of an education abroad certain promotion offices are responsible as foreign offices. Each of the total of eighteen foreign offices is responsible for a specific foreign state or several foreign states. Which office decides on the funding of the respective education abroad can be found in the list of offices, which is attached to the explanations of form 6 (see under "Forms").


Training assistance is only paid from the beginning of the month in which the training begins, i.e. from the month in which classes actually start, but at the earliest from the month in which the application is received in writing or electronically (see online procedure) by the relevant Office for Training Assistance. Education grants will not be paid retroactively. A new application is required for each grant period (usually one school year). In the case of subsequent applications, the application must be submitted in full no later than two months before the end of the old grant period in order to avoid interruptions in payment.

Processing time

The processing time or the total lead time between the application and the issuance of the approval notice should be expected to be approx. 6 to 8 weeks.

Required documents

  • The documents required depend on the type of grant and can be found in the relevant forms.


  • Form, Bavaria-wide: BAföG-Antragsformulare
    Please note

    This form has to be signed and sent to the responsible authority. You can sign the form manually and send it by email/fax or sign the form electronically with your qualified electronic signature an send it by (secure) email. If the responsible authority has set up a De-Mail account, you can also send the form by De-Mail using an sender-confirmed message.

Online procedures

  • BAföG-Online für Schüler

    This service supports you by helping you to enter your application data and checks it for completeness and plausibility. If you have an ID card with activated electronic proof of identity, you can send the forms, which usually only require a signature, and the documents to be enclosed electronically to the competent authority. Forms that must be completed by the training institution or that must only be submitted upon express request cannot be sent electronically.

  • BAföG für Auslandsaufenthalt in Österreich

    You can apply online for benefits under the BAföG for stays abroad in the country of Austria. As long as the requirements are met, funding can be provided:

    •     High school visit
    •     Foreign internship
    •     Study abroad


  • None


Opposition procedure (optional); filing an opposition

(optional) opposition procedure: Option to choose between filing an objection and direct action


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