Families in need; applying for assistance.

Families, in particular large families and single parents, who have fallen into an existentially threatening emergency situation through no fault of their own, can receive benefits from the "Landesstiftung Hilfe für Mutter und Kind" (State Foundation for Help for Mother and Child) as help for self-help.


Purpose of the support

The foundation's services are intended to provide tangible relief to families who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own (e.g. due to illness, death of a family member, unemployment, etc.) when public and private assistance is lacking or insufficient. The aid provided by the "Landesstiftung Hilfe für Mutter und Kind" is intended to help people help themselves.


The object of the support is to finance necessary purchases (furniture, clothing, school materials), to prevent homelessness (rent deposit, brokerage fee, first month's rent), to reduce debt obligations (under special conditions) and to cover other needs as agreed.


Priority will be given to:

  • Families after multiple births of triplets or more,
  • Families after the birth of the sixth or an additional child,
  • families with three or more children in need,
  • single parents in need with at least one child.

In addition, assistance may be provided on an exceptional basis to remedy an obviously severe emergency.

Type and amount

The support is provided in the form of earmarked grants subject to dissolution or, in justified exceptional cases, as an interest-free loan. The extent of the benefit depends on the necessary need and the special circumstances of the individual case. As a rule, up to 4,000 euros can be granted. In exceptional cases, up to 10,500 euros can be granted, and up to 15,500 euros in cases of housing procurement.


  • hardship through no fault of one's own
  • willingness to cooperate in solving the problem
  • permanent consolidation of the economic and social situation to be expected
  • statutory benefits and other assistance not provided or insufficient
  • Advocacy by suitable institution
  • at least six months of permanent residence in Bavaria
  • at least one family member has German citizenship
  • support is within the limits of § 53 of the tax code


Those seeking help can contact the "Landesstiftung Hilfe für Mutter und Kind" (foundation administration) directly; if there is a prospect of success, an application will be sent.

The locally responsible municipality, the social welfare administrations, the youth welfare offices, the district offices/health administrations, the state-recognized counseling centers for pregnancy issues or other public institutions that are committed to remedying or alleviating the emergency situation also accept the completed forms as transmitting messengers and forward them to the foundation.

Those seeking assistance shall submit appropriate supporting documentation.

Benefits shall be paid in installments in appropriate cases.



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Status: 19.10.2022

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