Industrial inspectorate; opinions on licensing procedures

The industrial inspectorates at the governments issue statements on approval procedures, e.g. approvals according to the Bavarian Building Code or the Federal Immission Control Act, which are carried out by other authorities.


The most frequent approval procedures for which the industrial inspectorates submit statements to the governments are the building permit procedure and immission control approval procedures.

The Bavarian Building Code no longer contains any specifications that require an inspection of structural occupational health and safety as part of the building permit procedure. However, the Bauvorlagenverordnung (BauVorlV) requires in § 2 sentence 3 that in the case of the construction, alteration or change of use of a building with workplaces with a higher risk potential, the client must submit a further copy of the construction documents, which the building supervisory authority forwards to the trade supervisory office at the responsible government. If necessary, the latter will then contact the building owner on its own responsibility. A statement from the trade supervisory authority does not become part of the building permit.

The building owner is responsible for compliance with the regulations. Those entrusted with the planning of a building project have the option of obtaining advice from the relevant trade supervisory office at the government with regard to the construction requirements for workplaces.
Depending on the scope of the desired consultation, costs may be incurred.

In licensing procedures under the Federal Immission Control Act, the trade supervisory authority issues opinions within the scope of the regulations it is responsible for enforcing. This applies in particular to the occupational health and safety of employees and to hazard protection.


Administrative court proceedings; information

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