Topographic maps; acquisition

Topographic maps are landscape descriptive maps and can be purchased through local bookstores and online booksellers.


Topographic maps contain artificial and natural elements of the earth's surface (e.g. settlements, traffic routes, water bodies and vegetation) including terrain forms and are characterized by great detail and high accuracy. They are the result of an area-wide survey and systematic updating by the official national survey. They are used for planning, visualization and analysis in environmental, economic and administrative areas and are indispensable in school education, rescue services and civil defense.

Official topographic maps are available as printed maps in the scales 1:25 000 (ATK25 series), 1:50 000 (UK50 series) and 1:100 000 (ATK100 series). Because of the depiction of hiking and biking trails as well as tourist information, many users also like to use these map series for individual leisure time planning.
For this purpose, general maps depict the whole of Bavaria on one map sheet: the large-format map 1:500 000 (ÜK500 Bayern) and the map 1:2 million (ÜK2000 Bayern) in DIN A4 format.

Digital Topographic Maps (DTK) form the geodata basis for a multitude of navigation and communication systems as well as the basis for various Internet applications, such as BayernAtlas or Energie-Atlas Bayern (see "Related Topics").

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  • The fee and price list of the State Office for Digitization, Broadband and Surveying applies, as amended.

    Printed topographic maps are available from local bookstores and online bookstores.
    Digital Topographic Maps (DTK) can be ordered via GeodeatenOnline.

    Digital local map: €4.00 per km2
    Digital topographic map 1:25 000: €1.00 per km2
    Digital topographic map 1:50 000: €0.30 per km2
    Digital topographic map 1:100 000: €0.10 per km2

    Frame maps TK50: 6,00 € per map

    Official topographic map ATK25, ATK100,
    Surrounding area map UK50 and general map ÜK500: 8,70 €.

    For further information like quantity discount see fee and price list

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