Auditors; application for recognition of a company as an auditing company

The recognition of a company as an auditing company must be applied for.


The profession of auditor can also be exercised in a professional company. In addition to being appointed as an auditor, such a company requires state recognition as an auditing company (WPG) by the Chamber of Public Accountants (WPK).

Details of the recognition procedure are described in the leaflets of the Chamber of Public Accountants (see "Further links").


The recognition requirements are described in the information sheets of the Chamber of Public Accountants (see "Further links"). Here you will find information on the following topics:

  • Permissible legal forms
  • Management of the auditing company
  • Legal representation by auditors, EU auditors and EU audit firms
  • Appointment of non-auditors as legal representatives of audit companies
  • Permissible circle of shareholders
  • Minimum capital, transfer restrictions



Required documents

  • a copy of the articles of association/ partnership agreement (section 29(2) WPO)
  • a declaration by each partner that he does not hold the shares in the audit firm for the account of a third party (section 28 (4) no. 2 WPO).

    This is waived if the articles of association prohibit the holding of shares for third parties.

  • Certificates from foreign professional bodies regarding the approval/recognition of EU auditors and EU audit firms.
  • proof of the conclusion of adequate professional indemnity insurance

    proof that sufficient professional liability insurance has been taken out (provisional cover note from the professional liability insurer - §§ 28 (7), 54 WPO). A list of insurers can be provided upon request.

  • Proof of payment of the minimum capital

    proof of payment of the minimum capital (section 28 (6) WPO) shall be provided in the case of a cash formation by submitting a bank confirmation or a statement of account. In the case of a non-cash formation, a non-cash formation report must be submitted. If the company already exists, the maintenance of capital must be evidenced by an (interim) financial statement. Employment contracts of the partners working in the company Employment contracts of the partners working in the company (at least half of the sworn auditors, tax consultants, lawyers, tax agents, etc.) who do not hold a position as a corporate body. For auditors and EU auditors, the submission of an employment contract is not required.


  • 1.000 EUR

Status: 01.08.2022

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