Register of craftsmen; application for registration as a standing trade

Registration in the Register of Crafts is necessary for the independent operation of a craft subject to licensing as a standing trade. The prerequisite for entry in the register of skilled crafts is proof of professional qualification.


The independent operation of a craft subject to licensing or of an essential sub-area (cf. Annex A to the Crafts Code) as a standing trade is only permitted to natural and legal persons and partnerships entered in the Register of Crafts.

A standing trade is any trade whose activity cannot be attributed to itinerant trade or market trade. If several trades are practised in your business, each of these trades subject to licensing must generally be entered in the register of trades.

Upon registration in the Register of Crafts, the business becomes a member of the relevant Chamber of Crafts and is obliged to pay contributions in accordance with the contribution regulations of the relevant Chamber of Crafts.


Registration in the register of skilled crafts requires that you - or a company manager employed by you - have the personal requirements for registration in the register of skilled crafts, i.e.

  • have passed the master craftsman examination (§ 7 Para. 1a HwO), or
  • fulfil the requirements under § 7 Paragraph 2 HwO, or
  • have an exemption permit (§ 7 Para. 3 HwO) or a licence to practise (§ 7 Para. 7 HwO) for the craft in question (for details see "Law on crafts; exemption permits as prerequisites for entry in the register of crafts"), or
  • have passed an examination equivalent to the master craftsman examination abroad as a displaced person or late repatriate before leaving their region of origin for the first time.

The registration takes place on application of the owner of the enterprise at the locally responsible chamber of handicrafts. Registration in the register of skilled crafts is accompanied by the issue of a skilled crafts card. With the craftsman's card you can legitimise yourself as a registered craftsman's business.


Registration must take place before the start of the business.

Required documents

  • Proof of qualifications

    (e.g. master craftsman's diploma, engineering technician's diploma)

  • Registration of a trade or business

    (may be submitted at a later date)

  • For corporations (with the exception of BGB companies): Excerpt from the commercial register

    (for incorporation: notarized memorandum of association)

  • For partnerships: Memorandum of association
  • For hiring of an operations manager (required in all cases for legal entities):

    - employment contract,
    - registration of the operations manager with the statutory social security insurance,
    - notification advising whether or not the person is active elsewhere as an operations manager or a self-employed (independent) tradesperson or businessperson

  • If necessary, please provide additional documents depending on the circumstances of the particular case
  • All necessary documents can be submitted as photocopies (certified if necessary).


Please select a location in "Localization" so that the address of the responsible authority can be filled in.


  • approx. 50-100 Euro

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Status: 10.08.2021

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