Contemporary visual art in public spaces; application for funding for projects.

The Free State of Bavaria grants subsidies for the implementation of projects of contemporary visual art in public spaces.


Subject and purpose

In order to increase the visibility of contemporary visual artists working in Bavaria, funding can be requested for the temporary artistic design of a publicly accessible area/space (which is not usually dedicated to exhibition purposes) with contemporary visual art funds.

Recipients of funding

Funding can be applied for by municipalities and municipal associations, art associations and exhibition associations based in Bavaria, which can provide evidence of at least three years of exhibition activity, as final grant recipients. Groups of artists or individual artists active in Bavaria may also apply for funding as recipients of the final grant if they can provide evidence of artistic qualification, in particular through appropriate completed artistic training or qualified membership of an artists' association, as well as at least three years' experience in carrying out similar projects.

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses are those incurred in carrying out the project.

Type and amount

The grant is awarded as project funding by way of fixed-amount financing. The grant amounts to a maximum of 50% of the total eligible expenditure, but not less than EUR 1,000 and not more than EUR 15,000.


  • The project must focus on the visual arts.
  • The artistic concept must be clearly in the foreground; the possibility of acquiring works of art in principle does not call eligibility into question. The concept will be professionally evaluated by a jury established by the Berufsverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Landesverband Bayern e.V. (BBK Landesverband). The criteria for the professional evaluation will be determined by the BBK Landesverband in agreement with the State Ministry for Science and Art.
  • At least one professional, living artist working in Bavaria must be involved in the project. If several artists are involved, the majority must work in Bavaria. Professionalism will be determined in the course of the professional assessment.
  • The minimum exhibition duration is one month.
  • The exhibition rooms or spaces must be provided free of charge. Access to the rooms or space may be restricted by opening hours or an entrance control. However, entrance fees may not be charged.
  • A grant from state funds requires that the project be of supraregional importance. This is determined in the expert opinion. Indications of the supra-regional nature of the project are, for example, grants from the county and/or district.
  • Events whose total eligible expenses do not exceed the amount of 2,000 euros are not funded (de minimis limit).


The application can be submitted informally to the BBK National Association with the required information and documents. It must be signed by an authorized representative.

The BBK Landesverband submits the grant application to the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts for the funding to be passed on to the recipients of the final grants.

The BBK Landesverband receives a written notice of approval from the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts, authorizing it to pass on the grant to the final recipients.


The application must be submitted to the BBK Landesverband by January 1 of the event year at the latest.

The BBK Landesverband submits the grant application for the funding to be passed on to the recipients of the final grant to the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts by March 1 of the year of the event at the latest.

Required documents

  • Informal application with the following information:

    • Presentation of the project
    • Information about the participating artists

  • detailed, balanced cost and financing plan incl. application amount

  • Declaration that the project has not yet started (if applicable, combined with an informal application for approval of the early start of the measure).

  • In the case of an initial application, the following additional documents are also required:

    • proof of at least three years of exhibition/project experience
    • In the case of applications by individual artists: additional proof of completed artistic training or of qualified membership in an artists' association.
    • Proof of the project organizer's financial capacity (e.g. balance sheet or annual financial statement for the previous year; in the case of individual artists, confirmation that the advance payments for the project can be borne is sufficient)
    • if applicable, proof of an existing entitlement to deduct input tax


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