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If you wish to hold a fixed or moving public assembly in the open air, you must notify the competent authority. The notification is usually confirmed by the authority and may be subject to restrictions.




  • it is public, i.e. if everyone has the opportunity to participate,
  • it is to take place outside closed premises (it is irrelevant whether it takes place in a fixed location or in the form of an assembly moving from location A to location B), and
  • two or more persons are to come together for a communal discussion or demonstration that is primarily aimed at participating in the formation of public opinion.

As a rule, cultural, scientific, religious, sporting or commercial public events such as theater performances, concerts, processions, street festivals, flea markets, etc. are not notifiable gatherings. Other provisions apply to so-called public amusements. Industrial action, such as picketing in front of companies, are also not public gatherings and therefore generally do not require notification. However, something different applies to demonstrations outside workplaces in the context of (warning) strikes, which are intended to inform the public about the content of upcoming or ongoing industrial action.


You must register an assembly with the district administration office or the independent city in whose area the assembly is to take place.


According to the Bavarian Assembly Act, such an open-air assembly must be announced 48 hours prior to its public announcement - not to be confused with the start of the assembly. Announcement of an assembly is understood to mean notification by the organizer of the place, time and subject of the assembly to a specific or unspecified group of people, e.g. by announcement on a website or in a newspaper. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not taken into account when calculating the deadline.

Special regulations apply to so-called urgent and spontaneous meetings. In the case of an urgent meeting, the reason for the meeting arises at short notice. In this case, the notification must be submitted to the competent authority at the latest when the meeting is announced. In the case of a spontaneous meeting, the obligation to give notice does not apply. However, a spontaneous assembly only exists if it is unplanned and arises without an organizer, out of a situation or an immediate occasion.

Required documents

  • Display for assembly

    Content: Organizer, responsible leader, day, time, place, topic, expected number of participants, intended course of the meeting, objects brought along for the implementation or technical aids.


  • Administrative fees are generally not charged for assembly law. Fees are only payable if an exception to the ban on weapons at assemblies (e.g. for bodyguards) is applied for in justified individual cases. For these cases, a cost range of 15.00 to 200.00 euros is provided for.


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action
Possibly granting interim legal protection in the run-up to an assembly


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