Master craftsman bonus for passing a school-based further training examination; payment

The Free State of Bavaria grants a bonus of 2,000 euros for a further training qualification from a technical college or technical academy in Bavaria or for an equivalent qualification.



The recruitment of qualified specialists is one of the major challenges facing society and the economy in the future. The Free State of Bavaria provides an incentive for this in the area of school-based vocational training: young professionals and those with comparable qualifications who complete further training at a technical college or technical academy in Bavaria receive a master craftsman bonus or a bonus for equivalent qualifications (bonus) for their successful vocational qualification (further training qualification).


The master craftsman bonus is awarded to persons who

  • successfully pass a final examination at a Bavarian technical college or technical academy and thereby obtain the vocational qualification (further training qualification) at the same time or after any additional internship that may be required.
  • successfully take a final examination at a Bavarian technical college or academy as another applicant (external examination).
  • successfully take the translator examination, the interpreter examination or the translator and interpreter examination in other languages that are not taught as first foreign languages at technical colleges for foreign language professions in Bavaria at the State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs and are resident or employed in Bavaria at the time the examination result is determined.


The master craftsman bonus amounts to 3,000 euros.


  • The examination must have been passed successfully in Bavaria.
  • Other applicants (external examination) and participants in the translator or interpreter examination must have their main place of residence or place of employment in Bavaria


It is not necessary to submit an application; those entitled are determined by the responsible bodies (= usually the schools and technical colleges).



Processing time

Payment is usually made twice a year. It can take several months from the issue of the certificate to payment.

Required documents

  • confirmation of employer

    (if there is no main residence in Bavaria)

  • Confirmation of registration from the residents' registration office

    (after request by the competent body)


  • none

Legal bases


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action


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