Residence; deregistration

When you move out of your home, you are obliged to deregister with the relevant registration office (municipality or city) within two weeks, unless you move into a new home in Germany.


If you move out of your apartment and do not move into a new apartment in Germany (e.g. if you move abroad), you must deregister.

If you give up one of several apartments (secondary apartments), you must deregister the apartment you have given up. The registration office responsible for the abandoned apartment requires a completed and signed deregistration form, the identity card, the recognized and valid passport or the passport replacement document for your deregistration. If the registration register is kept automatically, you do not need to fill out the deregistration form if you appear in person at the registration office and confirm the correctness and completeness of the data collected by the registration office by signing a printout. Spouses, life partners and family members with the same previous and future residences can use one deregistration form; it is sufficient if one of the persons required to register signs the registration form.

An ex officio deregistration is possible and occurs when you have not fulfilled your obligation to deregister.

If you have only one dwelling, which you give up, and move to another dwelling in Germany, it is sufficient to register at the new place of residence.

If you do not deregister within two weeks, you are acting irregularly. In this case, you can be fined up to €1,000.


Actual moving out of the home and not moving into a new home in the country. In case of a temporary absence with the possibility and intention to continue the use, there is no obligation to deregister.


The earliest possible time for deregistration abroad is one week before moving out.

Required documents

  • completed and signed deregistration form

    (Deregistration form is available at the registration office)

  • Identity card, passport or passport replacement document


  • none

Status: 02.08.2022

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