Natural hazard insurance; information portal for protection against natural disasters

The portal provides information on how you can insure yourself against the most common natural hazards and offers tips on structural and technical precautionary measures.


Heavy rain, flooding or storms - these and other natural disasters can occur more and more frequently due to climate change. They can lead to damage to buildings, household contents or inventory. This is why the Bavarian state government is calling on private individuals and companies to take out comprehensive insurance against damage caused by natural hazards with its "Think ahead - insure against natural hazards" publicity campaign. On this Internet portal you will find information on the relevant measures.

First of all, the portal provides an overview of the most important natural hazards that can occur in Bavaria - above all flooding caused by high water and heavy rainfall. Floods are caused, for example, by continuous rain or melting snow and lead to flooding, which can result in personal injury and damage to property. Damage caused by heavy rainfall events occurs when large amounts of rainfall occur within a short period of time and the water cannot seep away quickly enough. Heavy rainfall is possible at any time throughout Bavaria and, according to scientific forecasts, will occur more frequently in the future (as a result of climate change).

The portal focuses on the topic of insurance. Here you will find information on how you can insure residential buildings, apartments, business premises and business equipment against natural hazards. You can also find out how a building can be insured against natural hazards.

The website also highlights the biggest misconceptions that lead to many people not taking out natural hazard insurance. These include the assumption that their own place of residence is not at risk or that natural hazards are automatically covered by household contents insurance.

The portal also provides information on precautionary measures that you can take to protect yourself against potential damage. For example, you can download a flood protection guide here. You can also find out what state benefits the Bavarian state government provides in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure the best possible adaptation to unavoidable consequences. Also available on the website is the information sheet on natural hazards, in which the Bavarian state government informs about the end of state financial support in the form of emergency aid after natural disasters on July 1, 2019.

You will also find links and contact points on the website, including information on precautionary measures against flooding and snow pressure as well as information and warning services.

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