Craft card; receipt

The Chamber of Crafts issues a certificate in the form of the Crafts Card upon registration in the Crafts Register.


    The Chamber of Crafts shall issue a certificate of registration in the Crafts Register (Crafts Card).

    The following must be entered in the handicrafts card

    • the name and address of the owner of a business of a craft subject to registration,
    • the place of business,
    • the craft subject to licensing to be practiced, and
    • in the case of the practice of several trades subject to registration, these trades as well as
    • the date of entry in the register of skilled crafts.

    You can use the handicraft card to legitimize yourself as a registered handicraft business.


    The issuance of the craftsman's card requires registration in the craftsman's register. This means that you - or a company management employed by you - have the personal requirements for registration in the register of skilled crafts.

    Registration takes place upon application by the business owner to the responsible Chamber of Crafts. For more information on applying for entry in the register of skilled crafts, see "Related topics".


    You will receive the craftsman's card as proof of your successful registration in the craftsman's register. You do not have to apply for the craftsman's card.




    • The costs are based on the fee schedule of the responsible Chamber of Crafts.


    The decision of the Board is subject to administrative appeal pursuant to Section 40 (1) sentence 1 of the Administrative Court Code.


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