Music education; information on studying at music colleges.

You can find out about the college of music degree programs.


Music majors combine teaching and artistic-practical activity to provide an education primarily oriented toward the practice of art and/or pedagogy. They prepare students for a professional activity that requires the application of artistic-practical skills and pedagogical aptitude.

Colleges of music provide education that enables students to independently apply and develop scientific and pedagogical methods and knowledge and to engage in artistic-practical activities. In musicology and music pedagogy, they have the right to award doctorates.

Artistic training takes place, among other things.

  • in the instrumental and vocal areas
  • in composition,
  • in conducting,
  • in church music,
  • in singing,
  • in musicals,
  • in acting,
  • in directing and
  • in dance and ballet.

The pedagogical training serves the preparation of music teachers at general education schools with the subject music, of music teachers at music schools and in free teaching activity and of ballet pedagogues. Additional courses in new media (computers, Internet) and other areas (jazz, cultural management, etc.) supplement the training offered.

Information on the specific application requirements and admission procedures can be obtained directly from the student secretariat of the respective university.


The prerequisite for studying at a university of music is a successfully passed examination of talent and aptitude. The universities shall determine the details of the form, subject matter and duration of the examination by statute.

In the courses of study in church music, directing, acting, aural training, music theory or closely related courses of study, the general university entrance qualification or the general university entrance qualification in accordance with § 29 of the Qualification Regulations is also required. In the case of exceptional talent and aptitude, the universities may allow exceptions from this requirement, provided that at least the intermediate school leaving certificate is proven.

In the courses of study for a teaching position at grammar schools in the double subject of music and in the courses of study for a teaching position at public schools in a subject combination with the subject of music, the general or relevant subject-linked university entrance qualification, the general university entrance qualification according to § 29 of the Qualification Ordinance or the subject-linked university entrance qualification according to § 30 of the Qualification Ordinance is also required.

In the case of the Mask Design course of study, proof must also be provided of the advanced technical college entrance qualification or of completed vocational training in an artistic/craft-related training occupation.


Information on registration deadlines can be obtained from the universities.


  • A contribution to the respective student union and a contribution to administrative costs must be paid.

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