Driving license; ordering of measures according to the driving suitability assessment system (points system)

The Driving Suitability Register records final decisions on traffic violations and driving license measures that have been awarded points according to the driving suitability assessment system. When certain point levels are reached, the driving license authority must take measures.


The traffic offenses and misdemeanors entered in the Driving Aptitude Register (FAER) at the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg are assessed with 1 to 3 points depending on their severity. In terms of content, the driving aptitude rating system is intended to

  • ensure equal treatment of road users who repeatedly violate traffic regulations,
  • detect aptitude deficiencies of the driver as early as possible,
  • to assist the driver in recognizing and remedying his or her aptitude deficiencies as early as possible in order to avoid reaching 8 points and thus the withdrawal of the driving license.

Based on notifications from the Federal Motor Transport Authority about the entries in the FAER, the driving license authority must take certain measures:

1st stage:

Anyone who reaches 4 to 5 points receives a warning and information about the driving suitability assessment system. If a driving suitability seminar is now attended voluntarily, 1 point can be reduced as a result. A corresponding reduction of points through voluntary participation in a driving aptitude seminar is only possible once in five years, and can also take place with a point score of 1 to 3. To reduce points, the certificate of attendance must be submitted to the driving license authority within two weeks of the end of the seminar.

2nd stage:

A warning is issued for a score of 6 to 7 points. A driving aptitude seminar can also be attended voluntarily at this point; however, at this stage there is no possibility of points being deducted.

3rd stage:

Reaching 8 points or more leads to the revocation of the driving license.


    • Admonition and warning according to the driving suitability assessment system: €17.90 each (fee number 209 of the scale of fees for measures in road traffic - GebOst)
    • Order of measures in preparation of the decision on the withdrawal of the driving license: 12.80 to 25.60 € (fee number 208 GebOst)
    • Revocation of the driving license: 33,20 to 256,00 € (fee number 206 GebOst)

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Administrative court proceedings; information

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