Geological survey; display

If data on the geological subsurface are obtained during an investigation within the state area of Bavaria, they must be reported in accordance with the Geological Data Act (GeolDG), which applies nationwide.


A geological investigation includes all general geological, raw material geological, engineering geological, geophysical, mineralogical, geochemical, pedological, geothermal, hydrogeological as well as geotechnical measurements and recordings of the earth's surface, the geological subsurface, the soil or the groundwater by means of prospecting, drilling, field or borehole measurements and other exploration methods such as remote sensing.

All geological investigations must be notified to the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) as the competent authority within the meaning of the Geological Data Act (GeolDG) two weeks before the start of the work by the person carrying out the investigation for his own account or for the account of a third party.

The notification of geological investigations in accordance with the Geological Data Act does not replace the obligation to notify the authorities of earth excavations or drillings in accordance with the Water Resources Act (§ 49 WHG) or the Federal Mining Act (BBergG) or the application for water law or mining law procedures. These must be submitted separately to the authorities responsible for the drilling location in compliance with the statutory deadlines.

Hand drilling and drilling for structural elements such as anchors, dowels, bored piles, etc. are not subject to notification. Furthermore, the LfU waives the notification of small-caliber soundings with hammer drills, such as pile-driving core soundings or pile-driving and pressure soundings, if they are solely used for the exploration of building sites, the detection and monitoring of contaminated sites, the permanent monitoring of groundwater levels and groundwater monitoring in accordance with the Self-Monitoring Ordinance (EÜV).


The LfU provides an online application to fulfill the legal obligation to notify geological investigations (see under "Online procedure").

The online application "Geological investigation online" allows:

  • for a project with one or more individual investigations, to enter the contact details of the notifier as well as the client and the planner once in all forms,
  • to navigate in a map application to the investigation location up to parcel level,
  • to enter technical information about the investigation method in the form fields after marking the investigation locations,
  • conveniently send the data online to the LfU after the final check,
  • prompt confirmation of receipt of the report by the LfU by e-mail.

For each investigation entered, the notifier receives a unique identification number (BID).

After completion of the geological investigation, the results are to be transmitted to the LfU as technical data or evaluation data according to the criteria of §§ 9 and 10 GeolDG.


All geological investigations must be notified two weeks prior to the start of the work.

After completion of the geological investigation, the technical data must be submitted to the LfU within a 3-month period after completion of the investigation and the assessment data within a 6-month period.

Online procedures


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