School transport; application for exemption from costs for the journey to school.

The necessary transportation of schoolchildren is the responsibility of the municipal authorities responsible for school transportation.



The transportation obligation exists to the regularly scheduled compulsory and elective classes of the nearest school, provided that the route to school for

  • for pupils in grades 1 to 4 is longer than 2 km and
  • for pupils/students from grade 5 is longer than 3 km.


  • Pupils/students who are dependent on transportation due to a permanent disability will be transported free of charge regardless of the distance.
  • Likewise, transportation may be provided for school routes that are less than these mileage limits if the route is deemed to be particularly arduous or particularly dangerous after review by the responsible body. The nearest school is the compulsory school or the school to which the pupils are assigned or the school of the chosen type of school, training and subject area that can be reached with the least amount of transport.


The responsible bodies shall cooperate with each other and with the schools. The interests of the pupils, the schools and the task bearers shall be taken into account appropriately. The principal or principal shall set the school hours in accordance with the school regulations in consultation with the transport authority.

The task managers shall fulfill their transport obligation primarily by means of public transport. Other means of transport, e.g. school bus, private motor vehicle, cab or rental car, shall only be used if this is necessary or more economical overall. In individual cases, the transport authority may fulfill its transport obligation by offering compensation for the reasonable use of private motor vehicles.


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