School transportation; implementation

The necessary transportation of schoolchildren is the responsibility of the municipal authorities responsible for school transportation.


The necessary transportation of pupils on their way to school at

  • public elementary/middle schools and special schools;
  • public or state-recognized private secondary schools, grammar schools, vocational schools (excluding part-time vocational schools), two-level business schools and three- or four-level business schools up to and including grade 10, and
  • public or state-recognized vocational schools offering full-time instruction

is organized and financed by the authorities responsible for transporting pupils.

For public elementary, middle and special schools, the responsible bodies are the local authorities responsible for the schools; for the other schools, it is the districts and independent cities in which the pupil has his or her usual place of residence.

The obligation to provide transportation exists to the regularly scheduled compulsory and elective classes of the nearest school, provided that the route to school for

  • pupils in grades 1 to 4 longer than 2 km and
  • for pupils/students from grade 5 is longer than 3 km.


  • Pupils/students who are dependent on transportation due to a permanent disability will be transported free of charge regardless of the distance.
  • Likewise, transportation may be provided for school routes that are less than these mileage limits if the route is deemed to be particularly arduous or particularly dangerous after review by the responsible body. The nearest school is the compulsory school or the school to which the pupils are assigned or the school of the chosen type of school, field of education and specialization that can be reached with the least amount of transportation.

For information on free school transportation, see "Related Topics," "Bavarian School Financing Act (BaySchFG)."

Status: 29.07.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Unterricht und Kultus

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