Animal pathogens; notification of permit-exempt activities.

Permit-exempt work is permitted for certain activities or facilities related to animal pathogens. The permit-exempt activity must be reported.


Anyone wishing to commence activities within the meaning of the Ordinance on epizootic diseases (TierSeuchErV) for the first time must notify the competent authority prior to commencement.

Notification is required if the following activities are carried out:

  • Sterility testing and colony count determinations
  • in connection with the manufacture and testing of medicinal products,
  • in the manufacture and testing of foodstuffs, including drinking water, tobacco products, cosmetics and consumer goods, and
  • in the testing of water used for swimming or bathing, or
  • after at least three months of training prescribed for this purpose, bacteriological meat inspection in official inspection bodies under the direction of a veterinarian.


The notification must contain:

  • Information on the exemption from permission according to § 3 TierSeuchErV,
  • Information on the type and scope of the intended activities as well as disposal measures,
  • information on the condition of the premises and facilities.

If the information has already been provided in another procedure regulated by federal law, reference may be made to the documents submitted there.


You can submit the advertisement via the online procedure linked under "Online procedure"....

Alternatively, you can send the completed PDF form linked under "Forms" by post.

Special notes

Any significant change in the nature of the premises and facilities, the disposal measures and the type and scope of the activity must also be notified to the competent authority. The termination or resumption of the activity must also be notified (for information on the notification of change, see "Related topics").


The commencement of an activity must be notified to the competent authority at least two weeks before the planned date.

Required documents

  • Location sketch, floor plan of the rooms


Please select a location in "Localization" so that the address of the responsible authority can be filled in.


  • An administrative fee shall be charged to the applicant, taking into account the administrative effort and time incurred and the importance of the matter (Cost Act - KG).


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action


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