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The municipalities may restrict postings, in particular billboards, in public to certain areas if this serves to protect the local and landscape image or a natural, artistic or cultural monument.


If you want to put up notices, especially posters, in public, you must note whether a municipality has restricted this to certain areas. Art. 28 of the Bavarian State Criminal and Ordinance Law allows municipalities to impose corresponding restrictions, provided that this serves to protect the local and landscape image or a natural, artistic or cultural monument. An intentional or negligent violation of such a municipal ordinance constitutes an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine. In addition, the municipality has the option of demanding the removal of the notice.

The content of the notice is generally irrelevant. Commercial advertising - insofar as it is not already covered by the Bavarian Building Code as a (fixed) advertising installation - can also be covered, as can political advertising or private messages.

To find out whether your municipality has issued a corresponding ordinance and what restrictions it contains, please contact your municipality.

Please also note that, depending on the type, size and location of the posting, special restrictions may apply under certain circumstances. This applies in particular to

  • Fixed installations for commercial advertising, which may require a building permit,
  • Poster stands in traffic areas that must not obstruct traffic and may require a special use permit under road law,
  • Installations that resemble signs or traffic devices, may be confused with them, or may interfere with their effect, and are therefore prohibited where they may affect traffic,
  • Advertising and propaganda in connection with traffic signs and traffic devices, which is unlawful,
  • Postings that are to be erected on or in the vicinity of a historical monument and therefore may require permission under monument protection law,
  • Postings that are to be erected in areas that are particularly protected under nature conservation law, e.g. nature reserves, landscape conservation areas or nature parks, and are therefore prohibited under certain circumstances.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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