Parent and family education; utilization of offers

By taking advantage of parenting and family education programs, parents, single mothers and fathers, foster parents, and expectant mothers and fathers should be strengthened in their parenting skills.


By raising their children, parents make an indispensable, irreplaceable contribution to the positive development of their children and to the future of our society.

Parents' need for information, advice and support in matters concerning the upbringing of their children has increased significantly. Parent and family education is designed to help parents, single mothers and fathers, foster parents, and expectant mothers and fathers strengthen their parenting skills. In this way, parents should be better able to assume their responsibility for upbringing.

The following parent and family education programs are available locally:

  • Family support points
    They are contact points that offer specific parent and family education services in a community and are well networked with other institutions. They offer suitable and custom-fit assistance for the different needs of families, depending on the age of the child and the family situation. Family support centers are affiliated with existing local facilities, such as mothers' and fathers' centers, educational counseling centers, family education centers, and daycare centers.
  • Help for parents with a crying baby
    It is completely normal for babies to cry. It is the only way they can express themselves and communicate their needs. In the case of excessive crying, it is important to first clarify whether medical causes are responsible for the baby's crying. If these can be excluded, parents can be advised by a consulting center for parents of crying babies.
  • Network of family mentors in Bavaria
    Families can take advantage of the support of voluntarily committed family mentors and be strengthened in their parenting and everyday life skills. This is intended to prevent stressful situations from escalating into crises.
  • Parents' letters
    The parents' letters from the Bavarian Family and Social Center - Bavarian Youth Welfare Office provide parents with timely, clearly structured and modern information on the respective developmental status of their child(ren) from birth to 18 years of age. The letters to parents can be sent in print, read online, downloaded or subscribed to.
  • Bayerischer Erziehungsratgeber (BAER)
    The "Bayerische Erziehungsratgeber" (Bavarian Educational Guide) portal supports families in fulfilling their educational responsibilities by providing concrete assistance. The BAER covers all important fields in questions of education with numerous specialized articles.
    The Internet platform "INTAKT" for parents of children with disabilities provides answers to questions that arise precisely for parents of a child with a disability. The platform thus supports these parents in their everyday lives.
  • Stark durch Bindung - Tipps zur parternlichen Feinfühligkeit in den ersten Lebensjahren
    The parenting guidebook offers scientifically based assistance as well as tips, reports on the experiences of other parents and further assistance.
    The brochure "Stark durch Bindung" and the Leporello belonging to the brochure (provided in 18 different languages) with easy-to-understand tips and links can be ordered free of charge or obtained as a download version.
  • Strong through parenting
    The brochure published as part of the "Strong through parenting" campaign contains eight messages that contribute to successful parenting. The brochure is also available in 16 foreign languages (including Persian and Arabic, for example). It can also be ordered free of charge in easy language. All editions are also available as downloadable versions.
  • Freedom within limits
    The brochure "Freedom within limits" not only provides parents with preschool-age children with important information about a developmentally supportive approach to parenting and basic parenting issues, but also describes typical problem situations in everyday parenting. Parents can question, correct and practice their parenting behavior. The brochure can be ordered free of charge.
  • So that love stays
    The website "So that love stays" is intended to help improve couple communication and deepen the relationship. It offers extensive information on partnership, love and communication. A Corona Survival Guide for couples, for example, is intended to help couples cope better with this challenging time as a couple.
    This series is supplemented by the "Paaradies" app, which offers varied suggestions for spending more valuable time together. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Marriage and family counseling for deaf and severely hearing-impaired people
    Deaf, hearing-impaired and deafened people are supported by professional counseling for marriage and partnership problems, family crises or in difficult life situations. The counseling professionals have a high level of competence in couple and family counseling, sign language and experience in working with deaf, profoundly hard of hearing and deafened people.
    In Northern Bavaria, appropriate counseling is offered at the Marriage and Family Counseling Center of the Archdiocese of Bamberg at the Nuremberg location with a branch office in Würzburg. In southern Bavaria, the Evangelische Beratungszentrum München e. V. offers marriage and family counseling for the deaf, hearing-impaired and deafened.
  • Young Parents/Families - Nutrition and Exercise"network
    The educational offers of the "Young Parents/Families - Nutrition and Exercise" networks, which are located at all 47 offices for nutrition, agriculture and forestry in Bavaria, are aimed at parents/families/grandparents or other caregivers of infants and children up to the age of three. Their goal is to practice a healthy lifestyle in the first months of life. This begins at the dinner table and ends in rooms that encourage movement. The offerings address current nutrition trends and show practical examples of indoor and outdoor movement at all stages of development up to the age of three. Check online for current events in the region, including how to book online.
  • Healthy and fit in children's everyday life-Six ways to child-friendly nutrition and exercise
    The educational offer with six modules on balanced nutrition and sufficient exercise is aimed at families with children aged 3 to 6. It takes place in daycare centers. The aim is to build on the early childhood years and to anchor a health-promoting lifestyle with age-appropriate nutrition and exercise in families and children. Local contacts are the 47 offices for nutrition, agriculture and forestry.

Status: 27.10.2022

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