Registration certificate; application

A certificate of registration of your residence and other data, if any, is required for a variety of daily matters.


Upon request, the registration office where you are registered with residence will issue you with a written or electronic registration certificate.

The registration certificate always contains your surname, first name with marking of the common first name, doctor's degree, date of birth and current addresses, marked according to main and secondary residence.

Upon request, the registration certificate may include other data:

  • former names,
  • religious name,
  • artist's name,
  • place of birth and, in the case of birth abroad, the country of birth,
  • gender,
  • data on the legal representative,
  • current nationalities,
  • legal affiliation to a religious society under public law,
  • previous address(es) in the area of responsibility of the registration authority as well as the address of the last sole residence or main residence and the last secondary residences outside the area of responsibility of the registration authority, marked according to main and secondary residence, in case of moving in from abroad also the state and the last address in Germany, in case of moving out to a foreign country also the moving-in address abroad and the state,
  • date of moving in, date of moving out, date of last departure from a dwelling in Germany and date of last move in from abroad,
  • Marital status; in the case of married persons or civil partners, also the date and place of marriage or establishment of a civil partnership and, in the case of marriage or establishment of a civil partnership abroad, the country,
  • data on the spouse or civil partner,
  • data on minor children,
  • data on the identity card, the recognized passport or passport replacement document, and/or the eID card, as well as
  • the fact that a date of death is not stored.

Data on information and transmission blocks may not be included in a registration certificate.

Special notes

In addition to the registration certificate, the official registration confirmation also serves as proof of residence. This is issued at the time of registration or deregistration. It only contains data on the surname and first name, the doctor's degree, the date of birth, the address, the day of moving in and out, and the date of registration or deregistration. In addition, the registration confirmation states whether it is your sole residence, main residence or secondary residence. You cannot apply for an official registration confirmation.


    • for a registration certificate sent in writing: 5,00 EUR
    • for an electronically transmitted registration certificate: none

Status: 14.12.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Sport und Integration

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