Water supply; payment of water contributions

Through production contributions for the public water supply facility, you help finance the construction and provision of such a facility in accordance with the principle of solidarity.


The local contribution and fee statutes for the water supply statutes (BGS / WAS) stipulate that property owners who have the option of connecting their property to a public water supply facility generally have to pay (one-off) production contributions. They thus participate in the financing of this facility according to the solidarity principle (every owner in the area of the facility is called upon).

The amount of the contribution is often based on the size of the property and floor areas; a certain contribution rate defined in the BGS/WAS must be paid perm2 of such areas. However, it is also common to assess the contribution on the basis of the area of the property and the floor area permitted for the property under building law. The contribution rate is usually calculated on the basis of a so-called global calculation. In this calculation, all costs incurred are summarized and allocated mathematically to the entirety of the existing and expected property and floor areas.

In the course of the construction of such a public facility, the municipalities also have the option of demanding advance payments from the property owners prior to its completion, e.g. in order to reduce the municipal borrowing required for the construction measures. Advance payments are offset against the final settlement (final production contribution) after completion of construction.

It should also be noted that a municipality can levy so-called improvement contributions even after the initial construction of a facility, for example, if it has modernized or upgraded a facility that has been in existence for a long time.

Please contact your local authority for more detailed information on the specific regulations.

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