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Service - charges

Charges for this service

Here you can find an overview of the important charges applicable in Bavaria.

If you select a location (see "Your selection - location"), you will find locally valid charges if available.

More information about charges may be available on the internet site of the responsible public authority.

Formalities according to the Services Directive

  • Reisegewerbe; Erlaubnis für Nicht-EU-Bürger

    • Reisegewerbekarte: 25 bis 400 EURO gemäß Kostenverzeichnis zum Kostengesetz (Tarif-Nr. 5.III.5/23)


      Bescheinigung bei Anzeige nach § 55c GewO: 12,50 bis 50 EURO (Tarif-Nr. 5.III.5/27)

Other service-related formalities

  • Fees, Bavaria-wide
  • Fees, locally limited