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Security and safety-Civil protection

Companies must take protective measures to ensure adequate supplies in the event of natural disasters or accidents, for example. Employees and residents can be protected in particular by structural measures.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • Mining; request for information on old mining operations or mining conditions

    The mining offices are responsible for averting hazards from underground mining facilities that are no longer subject to mining supervision under the Federal Mining Act, and they also respond to inquiries from third parties and local authorities.

  • Civil protection; warning the population

    If necessary, the safety and disaster control authorities warn the population likely to be affected by a disaster or large-scale hazard situation and, if necessary, provide instructions on how to behave.

  • Fire and disaster protection; alarm planning
    The district administrative authorities are responsible for alarm planning in fire and disaster control and the special-purpose associations for rescue services and fire department alarms are responsible for alarm planning in rescue services.
  • Digital radio BOS; registration of fixed radio installations

    For commissioning and as a prerequisite for the operation of fixed radio systems (FRT) in digital radio BOS, the registration procedure for fixed radio systems of the Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Security Authorities and Organizations BDBOS must be completed.

  • Floods; issuance of warnings
    Floods can cause enormous financial losses and endanger human lives. Flood damage and hazards can be decisively reduced by early warning.
  • Avalanche warning service tasks; organization and coordination

    The organization and coordination of avalanche warning tasks is the responsibility of the safety and disaster control authorities (municipalities, district offices, district governments of Upper Bavaria and Swabia) with the cooperation of the avalanche warning center.

  • Emergency planning; preparation of external emergency plans

    As part of preventive disaster control, the district administrative authorities draw up alarm and deployment plans for specific incident operations on the basis of corresponding operator information.

  • Systems requiring monitoring; notification of a detected defect

    An approved inspection body must notify the competent authority in the event of a dangerous or safety-relevant defect.

  • Water and ice hazard; averting

    If, in order to avert the danger of water, ice and debris flow, it becomes necessary to take precautions that cannot be postponed, the neighboring municipalities shall be obligated to assist the threatened municipality according to their possibilities and at their expense.

  • Water-polluting substances; accident report to police or fire department

    Accidents involving substances hazardous to water can, for example, lead to fish kills or contaminate soil and groundwater. They must be reported immediately to the police or the fire department (emergency call 110 or 112). The fire department will then take measures to avert the danger immediately.

  • Plant fire department; application for recognition
    The fire department of an establishment or facility may be recognized as a plant fire department upon application by the owner or sponsor.

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