Food inspector in the technical monitoring service for the protection of consumers; application for a training position.

Food inspectors work in the technical monitoring service to protect consumers. The governments are responsible for hiring food inspectors at district offices, and the respective city administration is responsible for hiring food inspectors at independent cities.


The lower food monitoring authorities in Bavaria (district offices and independent cities) monitor compliance with the regulations on the circulation of products as defined in the German Food and Feed Code (Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, LFGB). Products are foodstuffs, food additives, means for tattooing, cosmetic means and consumer goods. For this purpose, the food inspectors carry out regular inspections and sampling (§ 39 paragraph 1 LFGB).

The food inspectors in training are initially employed by a district office or a city without a training course or examination. During the two-year training period, they are familiarized with the relevant official procedures in the monitoring service of a district administrative authority or at the Bavarian Food Safety and Veterinary Control Authority (KBLV). At the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL), they learn how to handle sample material. Furthermore, they can complete a one-month internship in a larger company in the food industry. As part of the theoretical training at the LGL and the Bavarian School of Administration, they complete a six-month course followed by an examination.

After successful completion of the training, they will be offered a position as a civil servant (grade A 7) if they meet the requirements of civil service law. In view of the relevant statutory age limit, applicants should not have reached the age of 43 at the time of recruitment.


Recruitment requirements:

  • At least secondary school leaving certificate or an educational level recognized as equivalent by the State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, Science and the Arts after consultation with the State Personnel Committee.
  • Master craftsman's examination in a foodstuffs profession or the state final examination of a technical college (technical school) in a field suitable for foodstuffs supervision
  • unrestricted prerequisites for field service assignments
  • Class B driving license
  • professional and personal suitability for subsequent employment as a civil servant

Additional requirements for employment or transfer to civil service are in particular:

  • health suitability
  • German citizenship
  • loyalty to the constitution
  • suitability of character
  • Age limit: Under current legislation, civil servants can only be hired up to the age of 45.


The governments are responsible for hiring at the 71 district offices in Bavaria. Please send your application to the government(s) in whose area of responsibility (administrative district) you wish to be hired. There you will also receive more detailed information on which district offices currently have vacancies. If you are interested in being hired by an independent city, please contact the respective city administration.

Required documents

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copies of certificates

Status: 02.08.2022

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