Social medicine specialist; application for a training position.

In Bavaria, social medicine specialists are employed in the Public Health Service (ÖGD). The governments are responsible for hiring at the district offices and the respective city administration is responsible for hiring at an independent city.


Specialists in social medicine perform the following tasks in the field of preventive health care and health care in particular:

1. school health care

  • Organization of examination appointments and documentation of results,
  • Conducting school entry screening and collecting standardized findings, especially measuring and weighing, vision, hearing and speech tests, and motor skills screening,
  • Participation in medical examinations and consultations,
  • Assistance in collecting anamnestic data from parents, children or teachers, among others,
  • Participation in the initiation of necessary measures;

2. vaccinations

  • Organizing vaccination appointments and documenting results,
  • Assisting physicians in administering immunizations;

3. health information; health education

Participation in any given occasion in the delegated area of responsibility, especially in the context of health assistance, including for the physically and mentally disabled, maternal counseling and tuberculosis care;

4. department of nursing and handicapped facilities - quality development and supervision (formerly home supervision)

Participation in the assessment of the quality of care in homes for the elderly or the quality of care in homes for people with disabilities, in particular through participation in home inspections and the preparation of reports and other issues

5. documentation and statistics

  • Record keeping,
  • record keeping and
  • all prescribed statistics in the assigned area of responsibility.

The training includes nine months of practical relevant work in the district office and in facilities for the sick, disabled or elderly. The specialized theoretical training at the State Office for Health and Food Safety lasts approximately 4 months and consists of two module groups with two modules each.

After successful completion of the training, you will be classified in pay group 6, 7 or 8 of the TV-L depending on the work performed.


Training as a social medicine specialist takes place within the administration and, in the state sector, requires prior employment with a district office. Applicants who have completed training as a health care and nursing assistant, health care and pediatric nurse or nursing specialist are eligible for the training.


There are 71 state health offices in Bavaria (these are the district offices) and 5 municipal health offices (these are the cities of Munich, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Ingolstadt and Memmingen). The governments are responsible for recruitment at the 71 district offices in Bavaria. Please send your application to the government(s) in whose area of responsibility (Regierungsbezirk) you wish to be hired. There you will also receive more detailed information on which district offices currently have vacancies. If you are interested in being hired by a municipal health department, please contact the respective city administration.

Required documents

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copies of certificates

Status: 16.11.2022

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