Child day-care facilities; application for funding for further training measures for educational staff

The Free State of Bavaria supports further training measures for educational staff in child daycare facilities. The central associations of independent welfare organizations and the Bavarian School of Administration as a provider for public welfare organizations are eligible to apply.



Funding is conditional on the training providers practicing partnership-based cooperation at state level and on the pedagogical staff of all child day care facilities in Bavaria being given access to the training offer (principle of openness). Openness is not violated if an appropriate distinction is made in the fees between members and non-members.

Further training events on topics internal to the association or organization, association conferences, state and national congresses, sponsors' meetings, etc., as well as additional training, with the exception of further training to become a leader, cannot be funded.

Only events lasting at least six full hours per calendar day are eligible for funding. If the group of participants is the same, these can be split over two consecutive half days. In the case of events lasting several days, half days can be funded for the same group of participants if the training program comprises at least three full hours on each of these days. The duration of the event or the teaching units (TU) must be stated for the events applied for. Funding cannot be granted if this information is not provided.


The application for funding must be submitted to the granting authority (Government of Middle Franconia).

The application form can be obtained from the Government of Middle Franconia. All planned training events for which funding is requested must be listed individually (without participant numbers); they must be broken down according to the "Basic grid for the thematic breakdown" (available from the Government of Middle Franconia). In the case of cross-thematic events, the classification must be based on the thematic focus. The training programs must be attached to the application as an additional annex. Current additional offers can be submitted later.

Special notes

Before submitting an application, it is essential to contact the government of Middle Franconia.


The application for funding must be submitted in writing by December 15 of the year prior to funding.

Processing time

The application can only be approved in November of the respective approval year due to the requirements of the directive.

Required documents

  • Training programme


  • The application and approval process is free of charge.


Direct filing of an action without opposition proceedings (Art. 15 para. 2 AGVwGO)

Legal action


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