Certified nature and landscape conservator; application for admission to the advanced training examination and registration for the training course

Admission to the advanced training examination and registration for the course to become a certified nature and landscape conservator must be applied for at the Government of Upper Franconia.



The basis is a vocational qualification in one of the recognized occupations of farmer, gardener, forester, hunter, winegrower, fish farmer, animal farmer (with a focus on sheep farming) or hydraulic engineer as well as three years of professional experience.

By way of derogation, candidates may also be admitted to the examination if they can demonstrate, by submitting certificates or in some other way, that they have acquired knowledge, skills and experience that justify admission to the examination.


Registration for the advanced training course is to be sent to the Government of Upper Franconia.

The required documents are to be submitted summarized in a PDF document.


Registration for the continuing education course must be submitted annually by June 30.

Required documents

  • Certificate of the final vocational examination

    (transcript or copy)

  • Proof of practical professional activity completed after the final vocational examination

    (confirmation of employment from the employer, confirmation from the agricultural health insurance fund or AOK or confirmation from the municipality)

  • a curriculum vitae with a photograph showing in particular your professional experience

  • if applicable, certificate of attendance at a technical college

    (transcript or copy)

  • if applicable, certificate of the relevant master craftsman's examination

    (transcript or copy)

  • If applicable, confirmation and description of an existing or binding prospective full-time or part-time activity in the field of nature conservation and landscape management.

  • if applicable, confirmation of a further training course in nature and landscape conservation already attended in part or in full, or evidence of the acquisition of knowledge and skills


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  • The course fee is 1200 EUR and the examination fee is 250 EUR.


Responsible for editing:Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Tourismus

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