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Electronic procedure management

Under art. 8 of the EU Services Directive (Directive 2006/123/EC) and art. 57a of the EU directive on the recognition of professional qualifications it is necessary to ensure that all procedures and formalities related to entering or practicing a service occupation (with the exception of controls requiring a physical inspection on site) or recognition of professional qualifications (with the exception of the completion of an adaptation period or an aptitude test) can easily be completed remotely and electronically via the respective Point of Single Contact or with the particular competent authority.

The platform for secure communication in Bavaria (Plattform für sichere Kommunikation in Bayern) of the Dienstleistungsportal Bayern provides for secure electronic communication and procedure management. In addition, the regular ways of communication may be used (telephone, fax, in part web-applications with forms, e-mail). We recommend the use of fax or the platform for the transmission of sensitive data.

Online application submission via the platform for secure communication in Bavaria

The platform for secure communication in Bavaria (Plattform für sichere Kommunikation in Bayern) provides citizens and companies both inside and outside the country a cost-free way to communicate using encryption with the public authorities in Bavaria (in particular the authorities and associations and Single Points of Contact). You can send messages and applications securely to the competent authorities and/or Single Point of Contact through the platform.

  • If you are taking up or exercising a service in Bavaria and would like to communicate securely through the platform, you will be forwarded to the platform by clicking "To the online application" in the "Requirements" or "Forms" tab after selecting data for your project as a service provider.
  • If you would like to have your profession of training recognized and would like to communicate securely through the platform, select on the page "Application" under "Professional recognition" depending on the reference profession the procedure and then the city in which you are going to work. If you select "Secure online communication" you will be forwarded to the platform and can send the application an the requiered documents to the responsible authority (as far as available).
  • If you like to contact a particular authority, you will be forwarded to the platform by clicking "Secure online communication" after the selection of the authority. The link "Secure online communication" will only be displayed if you can communicate securely with the authority through the platform.

At the platform you will first have to register / authenticate yourself to create a user account (initial registration may require up to 10 business days) and then create a "case mailbox" for each project.

Important advice:

  • The use of the platform is free of costs and on a voluntary basis.
  • Only the entrepreneur may start the communication (e.g. by sending an application or a mere message to the competent authority or the Point of Single Contact). To facilitate this, he needs to open a case mailbox.
  • The encryption of messages sent by an entrepreneur to public authorities / bodies is processed automatically by the platform. Messages and documents are filed on the platform in encrypted form.
  • If entrepreneurs send messages and applications in connection with a project or a specific service respectively from a case mailbox only a communication with such authority or Point of Single Contact which is competent for the specific formality is possible. These authorities are determined depending on the location selected by the entrepreneur and chosen by him in case more than one authority is competent.
  • Entrepreneurs may only send encrypted messages or applications via the platform to such public authorities, chambers etc. which have been connected to the platform. An overview of the authorities which have been connected to the platform can be found under "Further information".
  • After receiving a message from the platform, the public authority / body decides whether it sends an encrypted e-mail message back to the case mailbox of the entrepreneur on the platform or choses another way of communication (e.g. paper, fax).

Competent authorities and Single Points of Contact in Bavaria that wish to communicate through the Platform must connect to the platform. In order to do this, at least the central email account of the authority must be provided with an encryption and signature certificate from the Bavarian administration PKI.

You can find the terms of use for citizens / entrepreneurs and the terms of use for public authorities under "Further links".

Written form

Some applications can be submitted without a particular form, while for others there are formal requirements, such as for example the written form. Which requirements apply for your application will depend on which special law is applicable.

When the written form is required and you wish to submit an application electronically via the platform for secure communication in Bavaria, you must include your qualified electronic signature to ensure compliance with form requirements. If you want to submit the application on the platform electronically without your qualified electronic signature, you will also be required to print it out and send it by mail or fax to the responsible authority with a signature by your own hand.

Further information

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