Outdoor fires; application for an exemption permit

If you wish to light an open fire (e.g. a campfire), special consideration must be given to the dangers posed by open fires. In particular, certain distances from combustible objects must be observed.


In general, the following applies: There must be no fire hazards for the surrounding area.

Open fires in the open air with suitable combustible material (especially natural wood) are generally not permitted if the following distances are observed:

  • At least 100 m from highly flammable materials and
  • At least 5 m from buildings and from other combustible materials; permission for an exception can be requested from the municipality.
  • At least 100 m from a forest; for shorter distances, permission is required, which can be applied for from the lower forestry authority (Amt für Ernährung Landwirtschaft und Forsten).

Furthermore, it should be noted:

  • In case of strong wind, the fire must be extinguished.
  • The fire must be supervised at all times by a sufficient number of suitable persons.
  • Fire and embers must be extinguished and fire residues properly removed when leaving the site.
  • The permission of the owner of the land is always required for lighting and operating open fires in the open countryside outside of officially designated places.
  • When lighting fires that are permitted, the general obligation to protect nature should be observed.
  • More extensive regulations may apply in protected areas and may be contained in protected area ordinances. More detailed information on this can be obtained from the lower nature conservation authorities.
  • If the fire is lit as part of a public entertainment, which may be the case depending on the specific circumstances of the individual case, the public entertainment as such regularly requires notification to the municipality at least one week in advance and, in individual cases, may also require a permit, unless special regulations take precedence (see service "Public entertainment; notification and application for a permit" under "Related topics").
  • In the case of larger fires, it may be advisable to inform the municipality and the Integrated Control Center in advance to avoid false alarms.

In individual cases, the municipalities can issue more extensive orders and demand special precautions. Information on this can be provided by the municipality on site.

    Special notes

    Even if a fire is permitted, the following regulations should be observed:

    • Only untreated wood - no waste oils, used tires or plastics - may be used as fuel.
    • The fire is to be kept under constant supervision by a sufficient number of suitable persons in sufficient proximity according to the circumstances.
    • In case of strong wind, the fire must be extinguished.
    • When leaving, fire and embers must be extinguished.
    • Any remaining fuel - like other waste - must be taken away and disposed of properly.


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