Register of contaminated sites; request for information

Requests for data from the Bavarian register of contaminated sites should be addressed to the district administrative authorities responsible on site.


The responsible district administration authority can provide you with information on so-called areas suspected of being contaminated or contaminated sites. These are areas that may pose a risk to humans or the environment due to harmful soil changes as defined by the Federal Soil Protection Act.

Areas suspected of being contaminated can be, for example, former waste disposal sites (old landfills) and land formerly used for industrial or commercial purposes (old sites) on which environmentally hazardous substances have been handled.

Initial information on suspected contaminated sites as well as contaminated sites can be obtained online via public access using the online procedure "ABuDIS - Altlasten-, Bodenschutz- und Dateninformationssystem".

The Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) carries out the cadastral registration of certain harmful soil changes and areas suspected of being contaminated. For detailed information on contaminated sites, please contact the district administrative authority responsible for you.


The disclosure of the information must not conflict with the legally protected interests of others.

If you are not the owner of the property for which you are requesting information from the register of contaminated sites, you must enclose a power of attorney from the property owner with the application.


The application for information from the register of contaminated sites can be made informally. It must contain the postal address as well as information on the parcel of land, parcel of land and parcel of land, as well as the required documents.

In the case of cross-county inquiries about contaminated sites and suspected contaminated sites, an application for information can also be submitted to the State Office for the Environment.



Processing time

The processing time is case-specific.

Required documents

  • Owner: Proof of ownership (declaration of ownership or copy of land register extract)

  • for non-owners: power of attorney or declaration of consent from the owner of the land (if not submitted, the authority must hear the owner)

  • Excerpt from cadastral map or location map

Online procedures

  • Altlastenkataster - Auskünfte über öffentlichen Zugang zu ABuDIS

    You can access general information on contaminated sites via public access to the contaminated site register provided by the State Office for the Environment. It is possible to obtain information on contaminated sites by cadastral number and regional location. Personal data such as field numbers, coordinates, street names and house numbers etc. are not included for data protection reasons. For detailed information on contaminated sites, please contact the district administrative authority responsible for you.


  • The fees depend on the administrative effort.

    The provision of oral and simple written information, on-site inspection of environmental information, measures and precautions, and information to the public are free of charge.




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