Cross-border cooperation between Bavaria and Austria; application for funding

Cross-border cooperation in the Austrian-Bavarian border region is funded by the INTERREG VI-A program Bavaria - Austria 2021-2027.



Application requirements:

  • At least one Austrian and one Bavarian partner must be involved in a project.
  • The partners nominate a lead partner from among their number who bears overall responsibility for the project.
  • The project must be assigned to a priority axis and a corresponding specific objective (see program document on the program homepage).
  • The project must have a positive impact on the Bavarian and Austrian border regions.
  • The project must fulfill at least three of four cooperation criteria:
    • joint elaboration (mandatory)
    • joint implementation (mandatory)
    • joint personnel
    • joint financing


Before submitting a formal application, the project sponsor must prepare a project outline (see program homepage under "Further links"). On the one hand, the project outline serves as a possible search for project partners (voluntary publication of the project outline on the program homepage), on the other hand, it is intended to give the Regional Coordination Offices an initial insight into the planned project and to offer the opportunity to check basic program conformity and to make an initial assessment of the project's eligibility for funding.

Applications can be submitted online from March 29, 2022 via the Joint Electronic Monitoring System (JEMS). Once the project outline has been approved by the responsible Regional Coordination Offices, the project sponsor will receive the corresponding access authorization to the system from the Joint Secretariat.

Once the application has been submitted, the formal and content-related application review takes place in accordance with the project selection criteria.

The Austrian-Bavarian Monitoring Committee decides on the scheduling of projects. It usually meets twice a year and decides autonomously and independently on the approval (subject to any conditions), deferral or rejection of the project application. Further, detailed and continuously updated program information can be found on the program's own homepage (for links see "Further links").

Small projects (total costs up to a maximum of EUR 35,000) as well as p2p projects (total budget up to a maximum of EUR 5,000) are subject to a simplified application procedure (see guidelines on budgeting and recognition of costs in projects with total costs up to EUR 35,000).


Applications (following the prior submission of a project outline) can be submitted at any time from 29.3.2022. However, the final application documents must be submitted in good time for consideration by the subsequent monitoring committee (decision-making body).

Required documents

  • Partnership declaration

    Can be downloaded from the program homepage under "Documents - Project application" - see "Further links".

Online procedures


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