Good care; applying for funding

The Free State of Bavaria grants subsidies to local authorities to strengthen needs-based and needs-oriented care in the local social environment and for the creation, expansion and operation of coordination centers.



Funding requirements

  • a detailed cost and financing plan
  • a project description with a technical concept that shows
    • the geographical area covered by the project and how many people are involved
    • what the needs situation is like,
    • how an exchange will take place at (supra-)regional level,
    • how the active participation of people in need of care and people at risk of needing care in the local area is achieved in the design and planning of the services,
    • how coordination with other stakeholders in the local community and the sustainability of the planned services are ensured,
    • how networking with the local community is established with the aim of bringing about any necessary structural changes,
    • how existing care structures, where necessary, are flanked in such a way that a focus on care activities is possible,
    • how existing structures are integrated in such a way that no duplicate structures are created and
    • how the success of the measures implemented can be evaluated and their sustainability ensured.
  • the eligible expenditure for the measures must amount to at least EUR 5,000 (de minimis limit).

Projects that have already begun are excluded from funding.


The application for funding must be signed and submitted to the Bavarian State Office for Nursing.

Decisions on the applications received by March 1 and September 1 will be made after these deadlines at our discretion and within the limits of the available budget.

When selecting projects, they are prioritized according to the following points

  • Technicality of the planned concepts,
  • Coherence of the overall concept and its implementation,
  • the proportion of people in need of care in relation to the population of the municipality submitting the application
  • and only then the urgency of the project.

For follow-up applications, it is sufficient to state the changes compared to the previous application when submitting the application.

Special notes

It should be noted that there is no entitlement to funding under grant law.


Applications must be submitted by March 1 or September 1, but at least six months before the end of the project to be continued.

Processing time

approx. 3 months

Required documents

  • The following documents must be submitted:

    • Application form
    • Cost and financing plan
    • Project description with overall concept


  • none


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action

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