Culture; operation and promotion of museums by the district.

With their museums, the districts offer interesting insights into regional culture and history. The open-air museums are a special focus. In addition, non-governmental museums and collections that enjoy supraregional, district-wide significance are also supported.


The districts support a variety of museum types and themes. Open-air museums are a particular focus. The districts' open-air museums are museums of rural cultural history in the open air, which include houses, farms and other rural buildings together with the associated furnishings and the immediate surroundings such as gardens.

The districts advise museums on technical issues, take on cross-cutting tasks from central areas of museum work if requested, and can support the work of museums through project-linked grants.

Funding is provided, for example:

  • Acquisitions that supplement the collection holdings,
  • the restoration of museum objects,
  • Publications such as catalogs and guides,
  • special and traveling exhibitions,
  • the scientific research of the collection,
  • objects of the interior decoration and
  • measures with a museum educational objective.

Funding is not provided for day-to-day operations or for the acquisition of furnishings and equipment in permanent use.

Upon application, the districts grant subsidies for the support of the museums within the scope of the available budget funds. The grants are awarded as project funding according to dutiful discretion and the significance of the project. There is no legal entitlement to the grant.

Information on the museums in your district or the museums operated jointly with the respective districts and local sponsoring associations can be found - if available - after entering your place of residence and/or postal code or on the district's website.


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